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2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive E-Bike

2012 smart fortwo electric drive bike   2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive E Bike

A truly smart bike for 2012 is the new electric bike called Fortwo Electric Drive from Smart, a city car brand owned by Daimler, in partnership with Grace Bicycles. Combining excellent functionality and classy aesthetics, this e-bike is a wonderful attention-getting machine in the city.

While it is engineered to be highly functional, its elegant look is cleverly maintained with a battery smartly hidden in the frame. The combination of a contemporary mountain-bike design and a maintenance-free rear hub provides the rider with an efficient riding posture and maximum comfort.

Aided by four different levels of boost, pedaling the 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive E-Bike is amazingly efficient, thanks to the lithium-ion battery, which powers a 250 watt electric motor. Moreover, this e-bike can effortlessly tour at 15 MPH and travel over 60 miles for a single charge.

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2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike

2011 halfords urban mover u sprite electric bike   2011 Halfords Urban Mover U Sprite Electric Bike

Well-designed, plain, and reasonably priced, the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike takes pride in its specs that are thoughtfully put together. Including battery, this electric bike weighs in at 22kg, which makes it quite lightweight for an e-bike.

Contributing to this moderate weight are the mudguards, aluminum frame, rack and wheelset. With such weight, this e-bike does not need battery assistance to spin around town, despite its sit-up-and-beg riding position.

On the other hand, this e-bike is a little lumbering for hills with its high, wide bar and upright pedaling position. What makes the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike special is its attention to detail considering its low price. Thus, even after the electrics are outmoded, the bike can be a lasting investment.

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2012 Velobility E-bike

2012 velobility e bike   2012 Velobility E bike

A new pedelec to be released in 2012 is the Velobility e-bike. Presented at the Velo-City conference in Sevilla, Spain, this e-bike guarantees a great riding experience with all the necessary components for an e-bike and the clean design of Paper Bicycle.

Within the chain case and the center unit, all the parts of the e-bike were concealed in a functional unit. Such an integrated design gives the bike exquisite aesthetics. With this design, the basic version of the Paper Bicycle is also concealed.

Around the components of the 2012 Velobility E-bike, a cage is built to make the multi-user e-bike vandalism-proof and very dependable. Aside from excellent frame construction at the bottom part, a very low center of gravity is ensured by positioning all the equipment in the center of the bike….

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