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2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

2011 dzr strasse riding shoe 2   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

Stylish and unique, the 2011 DZR Strasse riding shoe combines a classic herringbone fabric and full grain leather. What gives the shoe a beautiful look is the mix of SPD compatible midsole and a vulcanized rubber outsole.

Compared more urban orientated shoes, traditional riding shoes offer more comfort to commuters due to loss of power transfer to the pedals. This is why the sole’s flex point of DZR is moved further back towards the rear, resulting in a natural walking gait.

This means that the 2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe can efficiently move with the rider’s feet. Throughout the pedal stroke, more power is delivered to the pedals on the bike but it cannot outwit more race performance oriented shoes. On the other hand, the DZR Strasse style is top-notch.

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DZR GMT-8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

gmt 8 strasse ovis dzr shoes 1 300x216   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

DZR Shoes came from a shared passion by its husband-wife owners. The shoes are all SPD compatible and are designed to be comfortable as well as functional. For the men’s line-up, there are 3 models, the GMT-8, Strasse and Ovis.

With a retail price of $85, the GMT-8 has a slim sneaker profile with a flexible grip. It sports a classic, timeless appeal, a favorable look for many.

The Strasse is a throwback from the 1920s. It uses full grain leather and herringbone material. With a midtop cut for ample protection and support, it retails for $110.

Made from soft supply leather, the Ovis is a non-padded midtop shoe. It is priced at $120.

The 3 models feature DZR Shoes variable-flex nylon inner shank, performance mapped flex and strategic stiffness for optimum pedal power. A 600 luminosity reflective badge is stamped on each shoe for visibility.

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DZR Women Cycling Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR Women Cycling Shoes

dzr women cycling shoes 1 300x216   DZR Women Cycling Shoes

DZR Shoes introduces its latest urban cycling shoes for women, the Kowloon and Tosca. The form and fit of the line is more geared towards function rather than style.

The Kowloon features a classic high top design, non-padded and nylon inner shank. It is also stiff in all the right areas to maximize power transfer on when pedaling. It has a 600 luminosity reflective badge and retails for $120.

The Tosca is made from full grain leather and herringbone fabric. It carries the same features as the Kowloon. Both models are SPD compatible and have performance mapped flex for maximum mobility and performance. The Tosca retails at $110.

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