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Wethepeople Anytime Now DVD

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Wethepeople Anytime Now DVD

wethepeople anytime now dvd is out   Wethepeople Anytime Now DVD

Wethepeople has just recently released Anytime Now on DVD. It is a compilation of riding exhibitions and biking styles of Wethepeople’s best riders, such as Chester Blacksmith, Sam Lowe, Andrew Jackson, Mike Brennan and Max Gaertig to name a few. It features the different styles and perspectives of BMXing from each rider, relating to riders worldwide on how to embrace the real rider in you.

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Virtual Rider Epic Texas Hill Country DVD

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Virtual Rider Epic Texas Hill Country DVD

virtual rider epic texas hill country dvd   Virtual Rider Epic Texas Hill Country DVD

Wanting to ride Texas without leaving home? Virtual Rider releases the new training DVD called “Epic Texas Hill Country”, where you will ride the quiet roads, yet different terrains, allowing the video to give you a great workout, or have some fun casually riding.

epicRIDE team from Austin Texas which consists of Alexis Hamilton, Zach Horne, Dave Appel, Trey Steele, and Tim Stansburry rode the hills and went through all the other obstacles to film Epic Texas Hill Country. Featuring over 3,000 feet of climbing, 1 hour and 25 minute ride, over two dozen intervals, ending with 54 miles. If you order now, use the coupon code “TEXAS” and you will save $5 on your purchase.

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