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Dura Ace Bike Chain Cufflinks

dura ace bike chain cufflinks   Dura Ace Bike Chain Cufflinks

Dura Ace components placed on your bike is a high honor, but now you can bring a Shimano Dura Ace bike chain link in your daily fashion by cufflinks. Two styles are available on the Dura Ace Bike Chain Cufflinks, one is called “Bling Bling”, and the other is known as “Antique”. Great stocking stuffer or gift to your loved one, but at £50 (about $80 USD) the cufflinks cost more than the chain itself. Get yours at Shinycufflinks.

Source: Bikehugger

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Bianchi 928 SL Dura Ace

bianchi 928 sl dura ace 1   Bianchi 928 SL Dura Ace

The Bianchi 928 has more of a history to it than meets the eye. The “928″ is derived from the three different years in which Bianchi won the Tour and the Giro, which were 1949, 1952, and 1998. The last digit of each year makes 928, or Nove Due Otto in Italian. The frame of the Bianchi 928 SL Dura Ace is made out of carbon fiber throughout, which makes for a very light bicycle. The Bianchi 928 SL Dura Ace sports a 10-speed gear set, powered by Shimano DURO ACE shifters and deraileurs. The tires are Vittoria DIAMANTE Pro LIGHT 700x23c, with Fulcrum Racing 1 – 2Way-Fit wheels. The Bianchi 928 SL Dura Ace comes in the sizes 50, 53, 55, 57, 59, and 61.

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