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DT Swiss Exm 150 Thru-Axle Launch Control 2 MTB Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DT Swiss Exm 150 Thru Axle Launch Control 2 MTB Forks

dt swiss exm 150 thru axle launch control 2 mtb forks   DT Swiss Exm 150 Thru Axle Launch Control 2 MTB Forks

For the high demands of a serious mountain biker, the DT Swiss Exm 150 Thru-Axle Launch Control 2 MTB Forks are ideal. To achieve a rigid and light magnesium lower, the light Enduro fork features a torsion box arch. Its Launch Control II damping system guarantees high performance.

Also very stiff, lightweight, and aggressive is the XC/All-Mountain fork with Launch Control 2 or LC2. Cranking up the Launch control is simple. Just push down the red dial and the fork will remain compressed under loading. This will keep the front end low during steep technical climbs.

The indexed threshold adjustment lever below the LC2 dial is used to adjust the needed amount of force required start fork. Also featured by the DT Swiss Exm 150 Thru-Axle Launch Control 2 MTB Forks are 150 mm of super plush linear air sprung travel and 32 mm stanchions.

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2011 DT Swiss Wheelsets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Wheelsets

2011 dt swiss wheelsets 1 225x300   2011 DT Swiss WheelsetsDT Swiss introduces new wheels for 2011, the XR 1450 and the Tricon M1700 wheelset.

The XR 1450 wheelset was designed to meet cross-country riders’ need for a wheelset that can meet the demands of the wild and sportive events. The lightweight cross-country wheelset has SBWT welded rims with high-end hubs. It features cartridge bearings and a star ratchet drive system. The aluminum wheelset has 28 spokes in the front and rear with 10mm and 12mm bolt-through rear axle options. It has QR and 15mm bolt-through front choices as well.

The front wheel at 5mm width weighs 660g while the rear wheel with 5mm width weighs 800g. It comes in the color nickel with black and white decals. No special tools are needed in maintaining the XR 1450.

The Tricon M1700 features spoke lacing, where one radial spoke and two crossed spokes are placed together on the hub…

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2011 DT Swiss Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Forks

2011 dt swiss forks 1 106x300   2011 DT Swiss ForksFor 2011, DT Swiss adds new models to its line of forks, the XRC 100 Race fork and the EXM 150 fork. Weighing 1170 grams, the XRC 100 has a Twin Shot damping system and a 28.6mm uppers. The lowers, the crown and steerer tube are all made from high modulus carbon fiber.

The Twin Damping system featured on the fork allows you to control 100mm of travel. It also comes with an optional remote control lever. Outside the frame, you may do some adjustments like low-sped or internal high-speed rebound and compression.

The EXM 150 fork is designed for trail/endure rides. It weighs 1645 grams and gives you 150mm of travel. There is a Torsion box created from magnesium. This is why the EXM 150 is so stiff. The uppers are 32mm aluminum and it has the DT Swiss technology Launch Control II with an open oil bath…

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DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

dt swiss tricon wheels   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

DT Swiss launched the new Tricon wheelset last week in Girona, Spain. It was previously introduced in the Annual Eurobike Show in Germany last year.

Tricon or Triple Connection was a project DT Swiss started nearly ten years ago. The company began to manufacture and develop the wheels only a few years ago despite the project’s available prototypes and hub designs.

The wheels feature many interesting designs. The spoke lacing or “crow foot” as coined by DT Swiss, is a popular lacing pattern used in UK in the 70s. Tricon has one radial spoke and two crossed spokes banded together on the hub flange. They all function as one to provide maximum stiffness and torque transmission. It also has 18 spokes front and 24 rear, giving the wheels a unique design.

A three-piece shell separates the spoke tension from the bearings. This will also lower rolling resistance. The two crossed spokes are…

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DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

dt swiss new mountain bike forks   DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

DT Swiss launches new models for their suspension fork products. Having acquired Pace in 2006, this is a first for DT Swiss to engineer and design their very own suspension forks. With the use of the new technology, better models were manufactured for their product line.

The technology DT Swiss developed involved a change in the damping system. They applied the Twin Shot damping system to their 100mm travel XRC and XC forks. The goal here is to maximize control and how well it can be adjusted.

For the 32mm forks, DT Swiss placed a magnesium Torsion Box arch lower leg assembly. It provides a stiff yet light lower similar to the carbon made ones. The 130mm and 150mm travel EXM forks have the Launch Control II as its damping system.

Across all new fork models except for the XC, DT Swiss utilizes the Auto Balancing Spring (ABS) system. The ABS functions to…

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