pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 X Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

2011 x fusion hilo dropper seatpost   2011 X Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

One new affordable dropper seatpost is the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo. Available in a 27.2mm size with 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters as well, the X-Fusion covers most bikes. The seatpost offers 100mm of adjustability from the hydraulic internals, too.

There is a handlebar-mounted remote and a simple under-the-saddle lever options for setup. To activate the dropper mechanism, a simple gear cable is used by the remote lever. However, cable layout underneath the seat is poor with the cable-actuated handlebar mount easily filled with winter spill.

On a positive note, the rotating seat clamp design makes the seatpost function smoothly, even after being left covered in dirt for a few days. Featuring a double keyway design, the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost is designed to avoid the saddle from twisting or moving.

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