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2013 Norco Aurum LE Downhill Prototype Bike

2013 norco aurum le downhill prototype bike   2013 Norco Aurum LE Downhill Prototype Bike

If you walked by Norco‘s booth at the Sea Otter classic, the bright colors of the 2013 Aurum LE Downhill bike had to catch your attention, but if you didn’t make it, here is a re-cap of whats to come.

The 2013 Norco Aurum LE DH Bike shown is a prototype, so some things will change upon release. For example the production model will feature new bump stops, altered cable routing and the linkage mounted clamp will be on the seatstay.

Getting the 2013 Aurum LE at the 2012 Sea Otter Classic was to show the limited edition colorway to come. Only on the top of the line Aurum, you will have somewhat of a retro inspired theme with vibrant blue and green paint job plus black and white decals.

Releasing mid summer of this year, a price point has yet to be determined.

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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

ortovox mountainskyver trail downhill mountain e bike 1   Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

In attempt to bring PURE pleasure into downhill mountain biking, Ortovox delivers the Mountainskyver Trail.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail is actually a mountain bike and scooter hybrid. Featuring full suspension and disc brakes, but lacing a seatpost, gears, pedals, or chain. This mountain bike/scooter is purely for downhill riding (or coasting, depending how you look at it).

Since the bike folds down and can be placed into one of the special backpacks available, you can hike uphill and enjoy nature, but coast back down.

For now, the bike is available in white/blue.

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2012 Nuke Proof Electron Downhill/Freeride BMX Pedals

2012 nuke proof electron downhillfreeride bmx pedals   2012 Nuke Proof Electron Downhill/Freeride BMX Pedals

Ideal for downhill and freeride BMX riders is the new pedal called Electron which has been introduced by Nuke Proof for 2012. This versatile pedal is not an ordinary one as it is loaded with topnotch features, such as its 12 replaceable pins.

Built from a nylon construction with sealed cartridge bearings, the Electron is impressively tough and it offers the reliable grip that serious riders require. Moreover, water ingress is effectively reduced by its sturdy rubber lip seals.

A pair of the 2012 Nuke Proof Electron Downhill/Freeride BMX Pedals weighs in at 338g only. Incredibly lightweight, these pedals are expected to become the favorite of riders who are fond of tackling downhill, 4X, and all-mountain adventures. The pedals are available in black, white, and yellow.

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2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame

2012 da bomb cherry bomb 6 downhill frame   2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame
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Da Bomb has unveiled its newly improved downhill frame called Cherry Bomb 6 for 2012. While the frame still keeps its tested four-bar linkage design, its improvements include an increase of 6in of rearward travel. It is built from 7005 hydro-formed tubing that features a 1.5in tapered headset.

As its name implies, the Cherry Bomb 6 combines sweetness with toughness. What gives the frame nice aesthetics is its classic four-bar linkage design, which comes with an X-Fusion 02-RL lockout rear shock. Also featured by this sweet frame is double-butted trumpet tubing technology, 34.9mm seat clamp, and 135mm dropout spacing.

Constructed from a first-class 7005 aluminum material, the 2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame does not only look sweet but also rides very smoothly. Though it weighs in at only 3.6kg, this light downhill frame is also very tough. Its suggested fork…

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2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike

2012 kona supreme operator downhill bike   2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike

Kona Bikes has updated its famous downhill bike called Supreme Operator for 2012. This updated bike, which is the top-of-the-line model of the 2012 Operator range, has been used by the downhill team of Kona during the entire season of the World Cup circuit.

Featured by the Supreme Operator is bead blasting, which both makes the outer surface of the tubes stronger and enhances crack prevention. With the complete pro-level spec, including the new Easton 35mm bar/stem parts, the full downhill bike weighs in at just 17.23kg.

For riders who do not mind buying a pricey race-ready bike with first-class components, the 2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike is the perfect choice. Its impressive specs include a RockShox Boxxer World Cup fork, Easton Havoc cockpit, Fox DHX RC4 rear shock, and a Shimano Saint groupset.

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2012 Cube Two15 Downhill Mountain Bike

2012 cube two15 downhill mountain bike   2012 Cube Two15 Downhill Mountain Bike

After the success of the Hanzz, Cube is adding a new downhill bike called Two15, which has even more travel. In cooperation with downhiller André Wagenknecht and Fox Racing Shox’s Eamonn Cleere, the making of the Two15 is expected to be a success.

What Wagenknecht provided is the input for geometry and handling. On the other hand, Cleere delivered the necessary technical details to design the kinematics within the limits and possibilities of the chosen damper, the Fox DHX-RC4. Moreover, the bike’s weight was reduced by 500g.

Thanks to Wagenknecht and Cleere, the 2012 Cube Two15 Downhill Mountain Bike is made first-class. Using Triple Linkage Kinematics with a curve of the linkage over the whole shock travel, compression and both high and low speed rebound surely work over the complete travel in a linear way.

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2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer

2011 saracen myst downhill racer   2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer

With an extraordinary spec list at a reasonable price, the 2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer puts the name Saracen back in the high-end bikes industry. A competition-proven veteran, the Myst features a frame of a single pivot design that comes with a linkage driven shock.

Both front and rear bases are well-covered. At the front is a Boxxer RC fork and at the rear is a Fox Vanilla R shock, which are both excellent units that only require the basic adjustments.

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