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Toni Colom Asks for Doping Suspension to be Dropped

toni colom asks for doping suspension to be dropped   Toni Colom Asks for Doping Suspension to be Dropped

Spaniard Toni Colom has asked that the Spanish Cycling Federation drop his temporary doping suspension, and says that there are just too many errors in the case. His provisional suspension came via the UCI back in June, after he tested positive for EPO in April. His blood profile and race schedule are key components in Colom’s suspension. Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca reports that Colom and his attorney have filed a 50-page appeal. Colom maintains his innocence, and says that the case is “riddled with flaws,” saying that it’s a “disaster.” He has asked the Real Federacion Española to issue him a license for 2010, as well as to give him financial acquittal….

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Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

davide rebellin maintains his innocence in olympic doping case   Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

Italian Davide Rebellin plans to prove his innocence in regards to charges that he used the banned blood-booster CERA during the Beijing Olympics. “There is nothing to confess. I never used CERA,” he said to Italian Gazzetta dello Sport. “There will always be someone who will think that I doped. I respect that everyone has to say what he thinks. But I’m going to hold my head high,” he adds. Rebellin has already returned his silver medal since testing positive for EPO. Rebellin and his attorney are prepared to bring evidence to the table proving that he didn’t dope, finding that there are “too many mysteries in the affair” and “regulations not complied with, principles violated.” Despite the ongoing charges, Rebellin continues to train and plans to return to cycling. “The day after I heard the news I went out on my bike….

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French Investigating Astana Blood Doping Equipment

french investigating astana blood doping equipment   French Investigating Astana Blood Doping Equipment

French officials have announced that they are investigating some blood doping equipment which was found in a search of Astana‘s medical supplies. French newspaper Le Monde was first to report on the find, and a source has confirmed so today. Even though blood transfusions are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the source said that the possession of the equipment does not automatically mean a doping violation has been committed. “No trace of any doping product has for the time being been uncovered by the analysis of this material,” says the source. Anti-hypertensive products were also found during the search. While they are not banned, they can be used to treat hypertension which comes along with blood doping.

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Danilo Di Luca’s Doping Hearing Set for February

danilo di lucas doping hearing set for february   Danilo Di Lucas Doping Hearing Set for February

Italian cyclist Danilo Di Luca was provisionally suspended by the UCI on July 22nd after he tested positive for CERA. He will now have a hearing on February 1st, 2010, for the offenses committed in this year’s Giro d’Italia. He ended up finishing the Giro in second place overall. The CONI, or Italian Olympic Authority, is going after a three year ban for Di Luca; two years for the initial doping offense, and another year for “aggravating circumstances.” 33-year-old Di Luca is maintaining his innocence. He has also been released by his team, LPR Brakes, on August 12th. If Di Luca is found guilty, he will face a minimum two-year ban, and he will also have to pay a fine the amount of his 2009 salary as well as other fees….

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Davide Rebellin’s CONI Hearing Postponed

davide rebellins coni hearing postponed   Davide Rebellins CONI Hearing Postponed

Italian cyclist Davide Rebellin‘s hearing before the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee), which was scheduled for this past week, has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. The new hearing date has yet to be announced. On the day of the hearing, Rebellin had an appointment with the Monaco Cycling Federation, where he rides under a license issued by them. He tested positive for the EPO derivative CERA last summer at the Beijing Olympics. Italian Danilo Di Luca has also tested positive for CERA, at this year’s Giro. The CONI has recommended a three-year ban for the Italian; “I feel calm and remain confident of being able to demonstrate my innocence at the appropriate time and place,” he says. Both cyclists retain their innocence….

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Eladio Jimenez Sanchez Tests Positive for EPO

eladio jimenez sanchez tests positive for epo   Eladio Jimenez Sanchez Tests Positive for EPO

Spanish cyclist Eladio Jimenez Sanchez has been provisionally banned by the UCI, after testing positive for the banned blood-booster EPO. A statement released today said that a Madrid laboratory turned up positive results for EPO in a sample that was taken on August 12th, after Sanchez won the sixth stage of the Volta a Portugal, where he also finished sixth overall. The 33-year-old has three times won stages at the Vuelta a Espana. He was supposed to be joining Rock Racing for the 2010 season, but now it is uncertain what will happen. “The provisional suspension of Mr. Jiménez Sanchez remains in force until a hearing panel convened by the Spanish cycling federation determines whether he has indeed committed an anti-doping rule violation under Article 21 of the UCI Anti-Doping Rules,” the UCI stated. “Mr. Jiménez Sanchez has the right to request and attend the analysis…

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Kenny Williams Accepts Suspension

kenny williams accepts suspension   Kenny Williams Accepts Suspension

Masters racer Kenny Williams has recently tested positive for using a banned anabolic agent, which results in him being suspended for two years. Williams submitted a urine sample at the national championships on the 21st of August, which later turned up traces of the banned substance. He has admitted that he did indeed use the drug, and has accepted the two-year ban which begins on September 21st, 2009. Williams has also been disqualified from all the results, medals, points, and prizes which he earned on and before July 27th, 2009.

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