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Frei Admits to Doping

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Frei Admits to Doping

Frei admits to doping 200x300   Frei Admits to DopingThomas Frei of Switzerland revealed that he has been using the drug for the past two years. He admitted that his EPO test yielded positive results after he took a micro-dose on the eve of the early morning test. Fret stated that he was into dope without the BMC Racing Team’s knowledge at all. Jim Ochowicz , co –owner of BMC Racing was grateful about Fret’s honest confession, however his contract was duly terminated immediately.

Ochowicz further announced, “The BMC Racing Team will now separate from Thomas Frei but thanks Thomas Frei for his honesty to confess his failure. This brings transparency to the situation and is part of the anti-doping fight the BMC Racing Team is committed to be part of.”

The 25 year old Frei divulged the truth in a press conference in Olten, Switzerland. “It is correct, that I have taken EPO. Therefore there is no sense in opening…

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Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

li of radioshack suspended for use of performance enhancers 267x300   Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

RadioShack’s Fuyu Li was suspended due to testing positive for using Clenbuterol. The A-sample testing happened in Belgium at the Dwars dor Vlaanderen last March 23. When the results returned positive for the banned substance, Team RadioShack immediately took action and suspended the Chinese rider.

The press release over the incident stresses the team’s advocacy to no doping:

“Team RadioShack and its management take this incident very seriously. We will respect the rights of our rider but will enforce our zero tolerance policy should his B-sample test positive.”

Li also took a B-sample testing and should it prove to be positive, he will be removed from RadioShack.

Fuyu Li currently holds the title of being the first professional Chinese to join a ProTour team. His career highlights included holding the current Chinese individual time trial champion (2009), he won the Tour of Thailand in 2006, he was the Chinese national mountain bike cross country…

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Oliveira Guilty for Doping

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oliveira Guilty for Doping

Oliveira guilty for doping 1 300x199   Oliveira Guilty for Doping
Flavia Oliveira was sentenced to a two-year suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Association. This was due to her intake of an amphetamine class stimulant during her competition at the Giro del Trentino last year.

Oliveira was with the SC Michela Fanini Team when she was found positive for oxilofrine.

Arbitrator Jeffrey A. Mishkin reviewed Oliveira’s case and came to a conclusion that the cause of her doping violation was due to Hyperdrive 3.0+. This was apparently Oliveira’s dietary supplement. A new rule came to pass that when an athlete unknowingly violated the anti-doping rules, he or she will only get a suspension less than two years. However, on Oliveira’s case, this was not so. She was found to be at fault and duly sentenced.

It was agreed by the parties involved in the case that the ingredient mythelsynephrine has the same chemical composition as that of oxilofrine. Mishkin pointed out that the Hyperdrive…

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Moller admits use of EPO

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Moller admits use of EPO 225x300   Moller admits use of EPO

Danish Bjarne Moller admitted to the use of performance enhancers during a training camp in South Africa last March 18-26. The 30-year-old Dane was in preparation for the SpecSavers Ironman South Africa in Port Elizabeth on April 25. Moller was subsequently banned by the Sports Confederation of Denmark. A doping committee is in the process of investigating Moller’s case.

Moller was removed from the Challenge Copenhagen race since all pro athletes signed a contract with YWC Sports not to take any EPO drugs.

Challenge Copenhagen issued a statement regarding the decision on Moller’s ban.

“Due to the fact that danish pro triathlete Bjarne Møller has admitted the use of EPO during a training camp in South Africa during 18th to 26th of March, he is instantly deleted from the start list of Challenge Copenhagen. All pro athletes signs a contract with YWC Sports were he “…assures that he has not committed any offense…

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Mark Cavendish Speaks About Riccardo Ricco

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mark Cavendish Speaks About Riccardo Ricco

mark cavendish speaks about riccardo ricco   Mark Cavendish Speaks About Riccardo Ricco

After testing positive for CERA during the 2008 Tour de France, Italian Riccardo Ricco may be making a comeback to cycling. HTC-Columbia’s Mark Cavendish is not happy about Ricco’s return at all. “He’s like a parasite coming back. It’s not just the fact of what he’s done, because everyone can make mistakes, it’s that he’s not even sorry about. It’s the lack of regret for all the damage that he’s done, that’s what upsets me,” said Cavendish. Ricco’s ban was reduced to only 20 months, which may serve to upset Cavendish even more. He didn’t have much else to say about Ricco; “I don’t lie in bed at night and think about Riccardo Riccò,” he said. “It’s insulting to the passion that I have and the others have for cycling … and for someone else to not give a shit about that, it’s incredibly…

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Eugenio Bani Denies "Knowingly" Doping

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eugenio bani denies knowingly doping   Eugenio Bani Denies "Knowingly" Doping

Italian cyclist Eugenio Bani has tested positive for the pregnancy hormone HcG, although he denies “knowingly” using any kind of drugs. The 18-year-old claims that the team gave him medication; “I never took substances myself,” he says, and they “forced me constantly to take the substances. I was frequently injected with liquids. I was told they were important for my recovery from races.” Bani has since filed a suit against his former team, Ambra Cavallini Vangi, and they are being investigated. Italian newspaper La Republica said that investigations have found ampoules, syringes, folic acid, vitamins, stimulants, and painkillers. “The only people who were giving me things were from the team,” Bani said of the positive drug test. “The fact is you have to trust the team. That is the system. Otherwise there is no place for you, either there or in any other team….

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Tom Zirbel’s "A" Sample Tests Positive for DHEA

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tom Zirbels "A" Sample Tests Positive for DHEA

tom zirbels a sample tests positive for dhea   Tom Zirbels "A" Sample Tests Positive for DHEA

Tom Zirbel, runner-up for two consecutive years at the USA Cycling Professional Individual Time Trial Championships in August, confirmed yesterday that his “A” blood sample tested positive for DHEA. DHEA, or exogenous dehydroepiandrosterone, is a multi-functional steroid. “The U.S. pro TT was a major objective of mine this season, but I would never compromise my integrity for any bike race. At this point, I don’t know how this happened, but regardless of the outcome of my ‘B’ sample, I intend to find out with the help of a few accomplished scientists and doctors who have selflessly helped me since I first was notified of the ‘A’ findings,” Zirbel said. Because of this, Zirbel will not was dropped from Garmin-Transitions’ 2010 roster. “Tom has been up front with me about this process from the beginning. However, our anti-doping policy is zero tolerance. Tom alerted us…

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