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Alberto Contador Samples Show Plastic Residues, Possible Blood Transfusion

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alberto Contador Samples Show Plastic Residues, Possible Blood Transfusion

alberto contador samples show plastic residues possible blood transfusion   Alberto Contador Samples Show Plastic Residues, Possible Blood Transfusion

Alberto Contador is back in the hot seat for different allegations relating doping. Now, sources say a urine sample taken from Contador unveiled high levels of plastic residues, which are usually found in cases involving a blood transfusion.

Contador’s urine sample was taken July 20th, towards the end of the 2010 Tour de France. That urine sample later tested positive for clenbuterol.

As of now, Contador is suspended by the international cycling federation due to the discovery of clenbuterol in his system. A lab in Cologne, Germany, was the founder of clenbuterol and plastic residue in Contador’s blood.

When a blood transfusion takes place, it can result in a traceable amount of plastic in the blood due to the blood sitting in a plastic bag. The amount of plasticizer in Contador’s blood was eight times the normal amount.

Contador is denying the allegations against him, but if he is found…

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New Doping Method in Cycling

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new doping method in cycling 300x300   New Doping Method in CyclingA new kind of doping method has been circulating. Dubbed as “mechanized doping”, it was said to be that a hidden motor can be placed in the downtubes on pro bikes.

Davide Cassini, Italian TV commentator and former pro road cyclist shares that he has ridden a pro bike that weighed 10kg, rigged with an electric motor. The device was hidden in the frame at the crank.

Two weeks ago, Italian newspapers released a story that says some riders in the Giro have used bikes with electric motors to give them an advantage in the race. Later on, the riders changed to standard bikes to avoid getting caught.

The Gruber Assist motors which costs £1800 is a retrofit kit that won a Eurobike Award in 2007. Cassini claims that a pro team can afford to use the Gruber Assist item and somehow find a way to hide the battery pack on the…

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Ballan Returns to BMC Racing Team

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ballan Returns to BMC Racing Team

ballan returns to BMC racing team 199x300   Ballan Returns to BMC Racing TeamBMC Racing Team welcomes the return of Alessandro Ballan. Ballan was held off in joining any competition due to doping claims. However, the charges were unfounded. The La Gazzetta Dello Sport released a story of an investigation of the Lampre squad, both current and previous members, its team officials and coach Guido Nigrelli were ongoing for doping. Guiseppe Saronni, Maurizio Piovani and Fabrizio Bontempi were also under investigation.

In response to the investigation which was led by Antonino Condorelli, Ballan said, “I have received notification of a request to extend the preliminary investigation by six months. I have put everything in the hands of my lawyer.”

BMC issues a statement regarding the status of the inquiry, “The BMC Racing Team has concluded its internal investigation regarding rider Alessandro Ballan. The BMC Racing Team could not find indications that Alessandro Ballan was involved in any doping in connection with his former team,…

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UCI Drops the Axe on De Bonis Due to doping

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Drops the Axe on De Bonis Due to doping

uci drops the axe on de bonis due to doping 300x225   UCI Drops the Axe on De Bonis Due to dopingWith the surge on anti-doping in cycling, the International Cycling Union (UCI) started to look into irregular readings from the biological passport data. This intensive move was brought about several factors including the recent Floyd Landis case. Francesco De Bonis was first to be sanctioned a two year ban due to doping. De Bonis was also fined €13,000. The basis for the said doping charge was due to Italian’s blood profile. The irregular readings were testament to De Bonis’ guilt even if he has never tested positive in any anti-doping tests.

UCI issued a statement regarding the case, “The UCI emphasizes the historic importance of this first judgment under the scope of the biological passport programme, introduced by the UCI in 2008.”

A UCI spokeperson added that De Bonis was caught and judged based on the findings in his biological passport. UCI also cited that Spanish cyclist Antonio Colom Mas is…

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Microdosing in Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Microdosing in Cycling

microdosing in cycling 300x300   Microdosing in CyclingThe sport of cycling is one of the most prestigious yet very challenging sports in the world and is often plagued by illegal endurance performances due to drug use. This has brought about the strict implementation of biological passport to contain cheating in the sporting event.

The biological passport scheme developed two and half years ago has the total support and confidence of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The passport monitors the blood of athletes and electronically records the composition of the blood and any other substances, prohibited or not, that could boost performance.

However, a group of scientists came out with a way to which biological passport could be avoided. The scientists concluded that through microdosing method, the biological passport could be eluded as well as EPO detection in an athlete’s blood stream. It further added that many dishonest athletes and doctors practicing the method are aware of microdosing. The revelations by…

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Tauler Positive for Banned Substances

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tauler Positive for Banned Substances

tauler positive for banned substances 300x225   Tauler Positive for Banned SubstancesToni Tauler, 36-year-old Spanish track cyclist and winner of the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics was tested for banned substances. The results came back as positive. The Spanish Cycling Federation facilitated the drug testing before the competition of the world championships in Ballerup, Denmark. This happened last March.

As with the guidelines of a first positive, a second analysis can be requested. Tauler took this chance of a B-sample testing. Spanish newspaper El Pais as well as sports newspaper AS revealed that the second testing will take effect as scheduled. The Spanish Cycling Federation chose not to comment on the said news item published.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tauler took home the silver in the men’s Madison event, together with Joan Llaneras. The same category in Ballerup was where Tauler was supposed to compete with teammate Unai Elloriage but they were forced to withdraw and drop from the race.

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Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

lance armstrong accused of doping in several emails from floyd landis1   Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

In a series of emails to cycling officials and sponsors, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping by Floyd Landis. Landis also admitted his recent involvement with doping.

After winning the Tour De France in 2006, Landis’ doping test came back positive, voiding his win in the race. As a result, he was banned from cycling by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Armstrong’s coach, Johan Bruyneel, played a role in Landis’ doping, according to an email. It was Bruyneel who educated Landis on performance enhancement drugs, said Landis.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the emails it reviewed are from Landis. Not all of the correspondence have been confirmed to be from him at this time, however.

The emails also outlined a number of American riders other than Armstrong who bamboozled the anti-doping system by way of blood…

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