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2011 DMR Reptoid 9 Speed Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DMR Reptoid 9 Speed Bike

2011 dmr reptoid 9 speed bike   2011 DMR Reptoid 9 Speed Bike

With less weight and more aesthetics and a 9 speed set up, the DMR Reptoid 9 Speed is one of the must have machines of 2011. This upgraded complete bike owes its reduced weight and better looks to its topnotch components.

Included in these high-quality components are DMR alloy Wingbars, 80mm Marzocchi DJ forks, and Zip grips on the front end. The frame features 135mm rear hub spacing, heat treated down-tube, disc mount, augmented tire clearance, and a reinforced tube gusset head tube.

Also featured by this lightweight complete bike are the new light skinwall Supermoto tires, light DMR DeeVee wheels, and Tektro disc brakes. Whether it is street riding or dirt, the 2011 DMR Reptoid 9 Speed Bike can surely deliver.

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DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

dmrcolour swarm stem and wingbar   DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

DMR introduces the Swarm Stem and Wingbar, quality alloy parts for dirt jump and slopestyle riding. The Swarm Stem has laser etched graphics on its CNC machined body. With a stack height of 30mm, it has a zero degree rise and uses standard mounts. Part of the DMRCOLOUR components, the Swarm Stem has an anodized finish that gives off a shiny appearance yet has a notable anti-scratch quality. Weighing 265 grams, the Swarm Stem is available in red, blue, purple, grey, green and black colors. Retail price is $65.

The Wingbar is made from 6061 heat-treated alloy. The handlebar is double-butted, tapered and bulging in its shape with 38mm rise. DMR made it tough enough to be used on XC, single track and BSX with 726mm in width. Together with the Swarm Stem, the Wingbar comes from the DMRCOLOUR group. This makes it scratch-proof with anodized finish. It has two…

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DMR V12 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMR V12 Pedals

dmr v12 pedals   DMR V12 Pedals

DMR or DesignMakeRide started in 1995 with a mission to make products for extreme riding. With the V12 pedals, DMR designed a burly and sturdy pedal that can cater to DH, dirt, 4x and trail riders’ needs.

The V12 has no built-in concave but has sealed bearing on the outside pedal face and plain bearing on the inside. It has 20 replaceable M4x0.7×8 pins, 10 on each side of the pedal.

Made from aluminum with a CroMoly axle, this flat pedal weighs in at 536g and comes in 7 colors (diamond black, ox blood, polished, Irish green, pure white, sky blue and chrome). The DMR V12 pedal is 115mm long, 95mm wide and 25mm high. Retail price is $100.

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DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

dmr wingbar handlebars safety recall   DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

DMR has announced a safety recall on the Wingbar handlebars, to be precise the malfunction is accruing to the 25.4mm anodized alloy wingbars sold as a aftermarket part. Released in black, gray, green, purple, red, and blue, each handlebar has the DMR logo lasered on the left side. Sadly the bars are prone to cracking, and could snap in half.

DMR has said the following handlebars are not affected:
• DMR Alloy Wingbar – 31.8mm with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Alloy Wingbar with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Cro-Mo Wingbar with a brace
• DMR Heat treated Cro-Mo Wingbar
• Any DMR bar fitted to a DMR complete bike

If you have purchased one of the affected handlebars, please contact DMR by phone: 01403 711 611, or by email:….

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