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2013 Raleigh RXC Pro Disc Cyclocross Bike

2013 raleigh rxc pro disc cyclocross bike   2013 Raleigh RXC Pro Disc Cyclocross Bike

Making it just in time for the Sea Otter Classic was the 2013 Raleigh RXC Pro Disc Cyclocross Bike.

Since it was short notice and Raleigh wanted a complete build, they had to throw on regular Shimano Disc Brakes and not the new CX Brakes (which will come with retail version).

The frameset is full carbon, with the frame weighing around 1100 grams. The change from last years RXC Pro and 2013 is the addition of disc brakes (of course) and tapered headtube (2012 featured a straight headtube).

Also upon release, the 2013 RXC Pro Disc comes with the Shimano Di2 build, integrated brakes if you wanted to change to mechanical shifters down the road and press fit bottom bracket which can be converted to single speed.

Available as a complete or frameset. The complete Raleigh 2013 RXC Pro Disc will retail between $5500 – $6000 with the frameset around the $2500…

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2011 Ashima Disc Brakes Preview

2011 ashima disc brakes preview   2011 Ashima Disc Brakes Preview

Ashima is pulling out all the stops with some serious looking disc brakes that they’ve unveiled as part of this year’s Taipei International Cycle Show, which includes the 2011 Ashima Disc Brakes Preview.

No details have been presented, just a sole image of some really great looking disc brakes.

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2012 Avid Elixir Disc Brakes

2012 avid elixir disc brakes   2012 Avid Elixir Disc Brakes

Avid’s 2011 Elixir disc brake models Elixir CR and Elixir R will have to make way for the new 2012 Avid Elixir disc brakes, Elixir 9 and Elixir 7. New features are noted such as the TaperBore system improved bleeding. Rotor sizes are now expanded to 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 200mm. The bleed port and air trap feature for the Elixir 9 have been implemented with simplified bleeding, which makes it all interesting. Also the reach and contact adjustment, both for Elixir 7 and 9, is now tool-free and comes with a revised barrel adjuster. The caliper is now in a new two-piece material, too. These newly upgraded Avid Elixir disc brakes for 2012 are made to provide maximum high-performance as expected.

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2011 Avid Juicy 3 Disc Brake

2011 avid juicy 3 disc brake 1024x1024   2011 Avid Juicy 3 Disc Brake

Avid gets back in the game with the latest in disc brake technology, the 2011 Avid Juicy 3 Disc Brake.

With new technology back with improved specs, the Juicy 3 will definitely pack a punch in braking for riders who need to stop in tight spots.

This amazing disc brake has a weight of 404 grams, which includes a 160 mm rotor and a front post mount. It also has a black all-aluminum lever and body and a 2 piston, calliper forged from two strong pieces of aluminum.

The Juicy 3 disc brake features a reversible lever and an ambidextrous mount, too.

Avid is boasting of several key technologies present for the third version of its disc brake system. This includes Power Reserve Geometry, which is basically the technology behind the levers being placed so near the bike handlebar to reduce inward travel when using the brakes delivering additional…

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Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010

hayes prime disc brakes 2010   Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010

Hayes has just launched the new mountain bike disc brakes for 2010 known as the Prime. Hayes says the new Prime disc brakes use industry first technologies, while promoting themselves to the top of the hydraulic brake bracket. You may ask what are the technologies making the Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010 elite? The company has added a improved tool free reach adjust, fixed mechanical advantage no matter where the lever is positioned, mechanical leverage ratio has increased allowing progressive braking, and the hydraulic power ratio increased by a 20%. Other new features are performance hose, two piece rotor, hose stress relief, nickel plated titanium and aluminum fasteners, and new bushing split clamp. Available sizes are 40, 160, 180, 203, and 224mm. Available June 2010.

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