pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek MTB Skills Program Expand for 2010

trek mtb skills program expand for 2010   Trek MTB Skills Program Expand for 2010

The Trek Dirt Series MTB Skills program is expanding their scope for this year to include cyclists (particularly women) in Canada and the Western U.S. The 2010 schedule includes over fourteen MTB training camps for women only, as well as two co-ed stops.

The MTB skills program is designed for developing the riding skills of participants in all experience levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The series will involve cross-country, downhill, and free-riding, and will be held during a weekend-long training camp in 16 locations.

The Trek Dirt Series has been going on for ten years now, with the goals of providing expert and personalized instruction in mountain biking. The program develops the skills and confidence of the participants and allows them to conquer their fears and take pleasure in the sport, and more than 5,000 riders have already gotten into the act since the series’ first year.


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