pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike

2012 english cycles di2 special road bike   2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike
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New from English Cycles for 2012 is a road bike called Di2 Special. Actually, the bike practically shows no Di2 hints since it has no controller box, visible battery, and wires. A custom stem was built to house the control box underneath since it is cable-tied to the brake cables, making it look like an extra.

From the stem to the derailleurs, running the Di2 cables entirely inside is enabled by arranging the headset arrangement upside down. An Icarus custom internal battery is used by the hidden battery, featuring a micro-USB charging port that is minimally incorporated straight into the frame.

Weighing in at less than 6.8kg, the 2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike is incredibly complete with Retro Sweet Wings steel cranks. With Columbus aero downtube and custom-butted ovalized seattube, the frame has signature features like its thin wishbone…

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