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Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleur

campagnolo super record 11s front and rear derailleur   Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleur

Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleurs are great in terms of speed, smoothness, and precision. Features such as its weight provide optimal performance as well—thanks to its selected materials and Ultra-Shift™ geometry.

The Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front Derailleur features an Ultra-Shift™ carbon cage, Z-Shape™ inner cage, surface treatment, and an exclusive M-Brace™ Campagnolo® geometry derailleur. The Ultra-Shift™ carbon cage has a graduated curvature that allows fast and extremely precise shifting. The Z-Shape™ inner cage provides maximum cage force and rigidity when shifting. The exclusive M-Brace™ Campagnolo® geometry derailleur also provides high system rigidity and makes for precise shifting.

The upper to lower pulley of the Campagnolo Super Record 11S Rear Derailleur comes in a 55 mm axle, composite outer plate, Titanium hanger and pivot bolt, parallelogram with 11s geometry, and forged carbon fiber. The aluminum upper and lower body comes in metal, carbon cage, lightened special…

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2011 SRAM Red Rear Derailleur

hero large 2011   2011 SRAM Red Rear Derailleur

The year begins with a double treat for cycling enthusiasts with the 2011 SRAM Red Rear Derailleur that nicely complements the 2011 SRAM Red Front derailleur and boasts of Exact Actuation technology.

As with the front derailleur, the SRAM Red series rear derailleur gives a fluid performance thanks to the technology of Exact Actuation, which makes movement while riding more precise and provides level gear changes while running. With the EA system pulsing through your bike’s 2011 SRAM Red Rear Derailur, expect tighter cog spacing as well as exact cable tension.

The SRAM Red might have been based on an older model, that being the SRAM Force, but it’s got a lot of new tricks and improvements up its sleeve, including a lighter weight thanks to the carbon-fiber cage and carbon fiber inner link, which was added during manufacturing of the derailleur.

With a 153g mechanism consisting of outstanding components,…

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