pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike

2012 giant defy composite 1 road bike   2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike

A brand new road bike for 2012 called Defy Composite 1 has been introduced by Giant Bicycles. This road bike is built from a very lightweight composite frameset, which offers an excellent endurance-oriented geometry and a fun and hassle-free ride.

In terms of performance technologies, the Defy Composite 1 has a lot to pride itself on. These high-tech features include the OverDrive headtube and PowerCore bottom bracket, which guarantee precise handling and maximum efficiency.

Endurance positioning is optimized by a taller headtube and longer wheelbase of the 2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike. This makes this road bike perfect for endurance riders who aim to go longer, sprint harder, and climb faster.

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