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2012 Deda Elementi Bandito Triathlon Aero Bars

2012 deda elementi bandito triathlon aero bars   2012 Deda Elementi Bandito Triathlon Aero Bars

Deda Elementi has especially designed new aero bars for triathlon bicycles for 2012 called Bandito. Equipped with air vents, the 540g aero bars saved weight. Also, instead of being compelled around the front of the stem, the air is allowed to flow through.

The extremely oversized 35mm handlebars introduced in 2011 is now an alloy version. Other new offers are a seatpost for MonoLink saddles, red Zero1, RS01 handlebar and seatpost, and the compact and light CarboBlast shorty aero extensions for triathletes.

Ideal for riders who are looking for new great-looking aero pieces are the 2012 Deda Elementi Bandito Triathlon Aero Bars. The new aero handlebars Kronos 2 and Dabar bullhorns are for triathletes while for mountain bikers, there are two wider bars and a white model of the standard low-rise bar.

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2011 Deda Elementi Handlebar and Stem

2011 deda elementi handlebar and stem 1 300x184   2011 Deda Elementi Handlebar and StemFor 2011, Deda Elementi reveals its 35mm stem and handlebar interface at Eurobike 2010. The standard is now at 31.8mm stem and handlebar but Deda Elementi wanted to reach another demographic of cyclists who can handle a plus size bar. The 35mm new handlebar and stem guarantees durability and stability in its design.

The M35 handlebar has a 35mm diameter and weighs 210 grams. It is very stiff during sprints and is round across the full top portion. There’s no need for the top to be taped. It comes in 3 colors, carbon, red and white. The width sizes are 42-44-46cm.

The stem is called the Trentacinque and has a weight of 136 grams. Length sizes are 90-100-110-120-130mm. It has an 82 degree angle and clamp diameter of 35mm. The colors are white, red and black matte.

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