pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 De Soto 400 Mile Bike Short

2011 de soto 400 mile bike short1   2011 De Soto 400 Mile Bike Short

Featuring the Forza Compressor fabric and double legband, the 2011 De Soto 400 Mile is an ideal bike short for training and racing. Even without any leg grippers, the bike short is kept in place. Comfort is guaranteed by the 400-Mile™ pad floats and stretches, the famous features from De Soto.

Along with the 400-Mile™ Pad are the contrast flatstitch, curvilinear™ seamlines, and drawstring elastic waist, making the bike short an affordable and comfortable triathlon garment. To avoid irritation and rashes while riding, the stretchy pad follows every movement of the skin.

With Carrera™ Piqué Abdomen panel, this 11-panel bike short holds the rider’s midsection and provides an enhanced breathability in front. The 2011 De Soto 200 Mile Bike Short provides incredible support to the rider’s quadriceps and hamstrings.

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