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2011 De Rosa Merak

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 De Rosa Merak

2011 de rosa merak   2011 De Rosa Merak

The Merak from De Rosa is its top of the line product for 2011. Currently the frame, with its “New Merak” project focuses on the use of carefully selected eye-level carbon fiber composite materials matched with a specific resin that takes on different features to fully develop and strengthen its performance, is underway. The outcome of this project ensures high rigidity, lightness, durability and maximum aero elasticity of performance.

The new Merak could be fitted with a BB30 central movement and with its “High Moment Inertial Tafer” steering tubes, which could adapt the use of 1.1/2 bearings and the larger fork designed for it. An elliptical saddle support of 25mm adjustment is also integrated into its seat pillar for aerodynamics.

With massive seatstays and chainstays, its shape and design is remarkable with eye-catching graphics to go along with its unique color scheme that features glitter in a starduster finish.

The 2011 Merak…

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2011 De Rosa King3 RS

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 De Rosa King3 RS

2011 de rosa king3 rs   2011 De Rosa King3 RS

The King3 RS from De Rosa Bicycles uses a new carbon fabric composition and comes in two versions for 2011. It has 50% more high modular tubing with an additional 10% T-700SC material. The 46T HS40 carbon pre-Preg makes it 40% stronger than the previous model.

The first version has a monocoque base while the second version, RS Custom, has a central BB30, oversized 1 1/8-1 1/2 steering and was built with the use of a laying technique to increase rigidity and absorb vibration better.

The King 3 RS is used by the Fly V Racing Team in Australia. It features Campagnolo Dura-Ace shifters and braking system, Look Keo pedals and Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR wheels with Vittoria Corsa Evo tires. It also makes use of Fizik Antares saddle and has a bottle cages by Elite.

There are four color schemes available for the 2011 De Rosa KRS. You can choose from…

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De Rosa Avant

pinit fg en rect gray 20   De Rosa Avant

de rosa avant   De Rosa Avant

Cristiano De Rosa, owner of De Rosa Bicycles, recommends the Avant 2011 model as an entry-level bicycle and here’s why: Avant carries a simple carbon monocoque structure that is very responsive on the road and is quite light and easy to handle. It is also a quality bicycle at a reasonable well-within-your-budget price.

With its well-proportioned lines, the Avant takes on a classic look with a modern twist on its parts. It has an FSA OS150 stem and FSA Wing Compact handlebars. For shifters and brakes, the AVant has Campagnolo Veloce 10V. Other features include a De Rosa seat post, Campagnolo Khamsin wheels and Vittoria Diamante Pro tires.

The saddle is a FizikArione and there’s a bottle cage from Elite to let you stay hydrated on the road. The De Rosa Avant comes in four colors including green, red, yellow and zero matt.…

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