pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

2011 quattro assi dbs frame   2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

Manufactured in China, the DBS is an exclusively produced 2011 Quattro Assi Frame available in aluminum and steel models. The aluminum DBS frame consists of TIG-welded 7046- alloy round tubes with large first-class uniform beads.

A Wave carbon fiber fork is modeled by Quattro Assi after Pinarello’s design with a little finer profile. With a variation the lower half featuring an exposed carbon weave, the Wave fork enhances balance, comfort and rigidity for a smoother ride and maintains momentum through corners.

Even without racing-level acceleration, the 2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame is a lively and competitive machine that has incredibly agile steering. On steep descents, the lively feel and jumpy steering is not a major obstacle and at high speed, the DBS keeps its momentum.

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