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Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

davide rebellin maintains his innocence in olympic doping case   Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

Italian Davide Rebellin plans to prove his innocence in regards to charges that he used the banned blood-booster CERA during the Beijing Olympics. “There is nothing to confess. I never used CERA,” he said to Italian Gazzetta dello Sport. “There will always be someone who will think that I doped. I respect that everyone has to say what he thinks. But I’m going to hold my head high,” he adds. Rebellin has already returned his silver medal since testing positive for EPO. Rebellin and his attorney are prepared to bring evidence to the table proving that he didn’t dope, finding that there are “too many mysteries in the affair” and “regulations not complied with, principles violated.” Despite the ongoing charges, Rebellin continues to train and plans to return to cycling. “The day after I heard the news I went out on my bike….

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Davide Rebellin’s CONI Hearing Postponed

davide rebellins coni hearing postponed   Davide Rebellins CONI Hearing Postponed

Italian cyclist Davide Rebellin‘s hearing before the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee), which was scheduled for this past week, has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. The new hearing date has yet to be announced. On the day of the hearing, Rebellin had an appointment with the Monaco Cycling Federation, where he rides under a license issued by them. He tested positive for the EPO derivative CERA last summer at the Beijing Olympics. Italian Danilo Di Luca has also tested positive for CERA, at this year’s Giro. The CONI has recommended a three-year ban for the Italian; “I feel calm and remain confident of being able to demonstrate my innocence at the appropriate time and place,” he says. Both cyclists retain their innocence….

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Davide Rebellin May Face Damage Payments to CONI

davide rebellin may face damages fees to coni   Davide Rebellin May Face Damage Payments to CONI

After testing positive on April 28th for using the banned blood-booster EPO-CERA and losing his Olympic silver medal, Davide Rebellin may have to pay damage payments to the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). The CONI announced Thursday after meeting in Rome that they have requested that their lawyer, Massimo Ranieri, to open a case against Rebellin “for the harm that his behavior has caused Italy, CONI and the entire national sports movement.” He will also have to return his medal and the 75,000 Euro award from the Italian Cycling Foundation. The Italian Anti-Doping Tribunal (TNA) has yet to suspend Rebellin. Check back for more info.

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Davide Rebellin Will Fight to Clear His Name of Doping Charges

davide rebellin will fight to clear his name of doping charges   Davide Rebellin Will Fight to Clear His Name of Doping Charges

Italian cyclist Davide Rebellin says he’s ready to fight to clear his name of allegations of doping in order to win the silver medal at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Rebellin tested positive for the blood-booster CERA, and the UCI has announced that it wants to disqualify Rebellin and take his prize money and Olympic medal. “Even though no one believes me that I am innocent and everyone just assumes I am guilty, I am going to return to competition and demonstrate who Davide Rebellin is,” says Davide, and he initiating an appeal process to fight the allegations. Stay tuned for more information on this matter.

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