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2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

2012 five ten danny macaskill shoe   2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

Five Ten, the topnotch shoe maker, has released an affordable signature shoe of Danny MacAskill for 2012. In collaboration with the Scottish trials genius, Five Ten was able to make a cycling shoe that is not merely backed up by a popular signature.

More importantly, the shoes are loaded with excellent features to make sure it tackles cycling requirements efficiently. These features include an extra ankle and tongue padding, a rubberized heel bumper, and a Stealth rubber sole made a little stiffer.

As implied by its signature, the 2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe is definitely a cycling wunderkind. The shoes also have a reinforced toe box, which is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. Its Skye blue sole and detailing also makes the cycling shoes aesthetically nice.

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Danny MacAskill Film Way Back Home

Way Back Home is pro mountain bike rider Danny MacAskill’s upcoming jaw-dropping video, wherein he pictures his journey through life. Included in this video is some of MasAskill’s best memories, dating back a few years.

With the help of his friends, the street trials video covers his travels back home from Edinburgh to Skye and his incredible experiences throughout the journey.

“For me, riding my bike is the most important thing I could be doing.” – Danny MacAskill.

Sponsored by Red Bull, this highly anticipated street trials video can be seen in full this November 2011.

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Danny Macaskill Street Trials Bike Auction

Danny MacAskill was made famous by placing his extreme stunts on Youtube, and from their his legacy started. One of his Street Trials Bike is up for auction on eBay to benefit BBC Children in Need. The video where the specific bike is up for auction has well over 12 million views on Youtube, and has even led Danny a commercial deal. The auction is live at eBay now, and ends November 27th 2009.

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Danny Macaskill Volkswagen Commercial

Danny Macaskill a stunt mountain biker has a new commercial with Volkswagen. In this commercial, Danny performs amazing stunts throughout the city, and even rips it up at a skate park. When he is ready to leave, Macaskill hopes in a Volkswagen, and is frighten by a small bee. Pretty funny for a guy that is so talented and seems to be afraid of nothing. Sadly, news has been going around that Danny broke his collarbone and will be out for 8 weeks. You might think he was doing an abnormal stunt, but it is said that he tripped in the street.

Source: Cyclelicio

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