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2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

2011 dahon mu ex folding bike   2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

Equipped with top quality components, the 2011 Dahon Mu EX is a great no-compromise speed bike. This folding bike is amazingly stiff but light, and extremely fast. Featuring all around performance, the Dahon Mu Ex is such a versatile machine that can tackle leisurely rides and sprinting to work.

Easy shifting and perfect precision is guaranteed, thanks to its SRAM Red drive train. It owes its favorable weight and stiffness ratio to the SRAM red front and rear derailleurs and shift levers.

With the Fusion XP+ headset that has a zero stack profile, the 2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike allows a virtually seamless transition between fork, frame head tube, and handlepost. Sealed cartridge bearings are featured by the Fusion XP+ features.

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BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

biologic iphone 4 bike mount   BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

Dahon Biologic releases a new product for the iPhone 4, the Bike Mount. The polycarbonate case is actually an upgraded version of the existing Bike Mount but with modifications to accommodate the iPhone 4.

The Bike Mount is used to hold the iPhone 4 on the bike”s handlebars, allowing the rider to navigate the iPhone 4 with ease and convenience.

A RidgeSeal case turns the Bike Mount into a durable phone holder that can take on all types of elements found outside. A welded touch sensitive film protects the Taciturn, even shy, he does not really need outward signs of stardom like a hard-line leo love horoscope would. iPhone 4 when in use. To make it resistant to shock, a silicone lining was also implemented on the inside of the case.

Similar to the last Bike Mount, the iPhone 4 version can pivot for a wider landscape or portrait…

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2011 Dahon Vector X10, X20, X27h Folding Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Dahon Vector X10, X20, X27h Folding Bikes

2011 dahon vector x10 x20 x27h folding bikes   2011 Dahon Vector X10, X20, X27h Folding Bikes

Known for its wide range of folding bikes, Dahon launches its latest product line for 2011, which mainly features folding bikes. Here are the 2011 Dahon Vector X10, X20 and X27h.

The Dahon 2011 Vector bikes have a patented hydroformed frame that offers torsional stiffness and a stylish look. Dahon stated that its Vector line up for 2011 is the most flexible folding bikes they’ve ever designed.

Vector X10 is a 10-speed bike that uses a custom 55T FSA crankset, coming in at a light weight of 17lbs (7.8kg). X10′s wheelset is composed of Rocket-fast Kinetix Pro and custom Schwalbe Durano tires.

Vector X20 features its 20-speed SRAM Red drivetrain, Kinetix Pro wheelset and SRAM DoubleTap shifters, which provide a smoother shifting experience. Vector X20 weighs in at 20.2lbs (9.2kg).

And last but not the least, the Vector X27h is a revamp of Dahon’s Speed Pro TT, but this time it uses…

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Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge – Charge Your iPhone While Riding

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge   Charge Your iPhone While Riding

dahon biologic reecharge charge your iphone riding   Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge   Charge Your iPhone While Riding

The Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge is the green way to go when charging your iPhone. Using a lithium polymer battery that can charge by wall outlet, USB, but in the case of the ReeCharge, a bicycle that contains a hub dynamo.

You start off by attaching your BioLogic ReeCharge to your bike, which captures and stores the green energy created by magnets in your hub, which in turn powers your iPhone. This is great when using certain iPhone apps that drain your battery. If your caught in bad weather, the ReeCharge comes with a splash proof silicone case and sealed connectors for protection.

Once charging your phone is complete, you can simply detach the BioLogic ReeCharge and you have power on reserve.

One of the best factors, you can use the ReeCharge with any chargeable gadgets, since it comes with a USB cable and five of the…

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Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

dahon biologic iphone bike mount   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

Aside from having the fresh wind brush against your face and the cool air breeze through you, music to your ears with your favorite tunes would just be peachy as you ride your bike. The BioLogic Bike Mount from Dahon is the perfect casing that can hold your Apple iPhone or iPod.

Dahon is banking on the applications like Google map and other GPRS “sat-nav” applications you can download on your iPhone. This can then track your position, calculate speed and distance and other mapping functions.

The case is made to protect any device from outside elements like rain, mud, or sand. It has a mount that uses a plastic Jubilee style strap that allows easy mounting on handlebars with its 6mm Allen key. The mount can also rotate in any direction to accommodate portrait and landscape modes, depending on the user’s discretion.

The BioLogic bike mount

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