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cyclocross promoters summit 300x193   Cyclocross Promoters SummitThe first annual Cyclocross Promoter Summit took place at the U.S. Olympic Training Center last April 23-25 in Colorado Springs. The event was attended by its host USA Cycling, Geoff Proctor of the UCI Cyclocross Commission, team representatives, sponsors, officials and promoters. The summit’s agenda was to discuss the national cyclo-cross calendar, event standards, national championships and the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships in Louisville in 2012 and 2013.

The meeting tackled several subject matters. These were:

• UCI Cyclo-cross Commission activities
• USA Cycling cyclo-cross athlete development program updates
• officials’ event reporting and evaluation
• national calendar development
• national championship scheduling
• the criteria for potential national championships and masters world championship eligibility
• potential call-up procedures
• ideas on how to improve all levels of cyclo-cross racing in the U.S.

The USA Cycling staff also suggested conducting a time trial at the Cyclo-cross National Championships to create the call-up procedures for the non-elite category riders. On a separate course, the top…

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