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UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup Photo Book

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup Photo Book

uci cyclo cross world cup photo book   UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup Photo Book

A coffee table book on UCI Cylco-Cross World Cup comes out from Hungarian photographer Balint Hamvas.

Hamvas is a happy new convert to the world of cyclo-cross. He went along each stage of the UCI world series with the intention of capturing the heart and soul of cyclo-cross.

Hamvas shares, “I had the chance to see a World Cup race live and boy, was it brilliant. It felt like the Formula-1 of cycling: you see the riders throughout the race; the pace is unbelievably intense and the crowd go crazy every time their favourite rider whizzes past.”

Hamvas journeyed to Treviso, Italy in September for the first round. He was there to experience each round just as much as the next cyclist. The changes in the weather, the road conditions and other elements in cyclo-cross were challenges Hamvas gladly took on.

The result of traveling 6,000 miles to witness all nine rounds of…

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Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

niels albert suffers broken rib by spectator   Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

Cyclo-cross rider Niels Albert suffered a broken rib on Sunday during the Belgian national cyclo-cross championship. He didn’t fall on his own, though – he was knocked off of his bike by adrunk spectator. The spectator, whose name was not released, said in an interview with Het Niuewsblad that the accident “happened very quickly and I didn’t do it on purpose.” He did apologize to Albert, and did not deny being drunk. The spectator claimed to be a fan of Albert’s, although he was seen standing next to fans of Sven Nys’. Even if he is a fan of Nys’, Nys condemned the incident. “It does not belong in ‘cross. I think sportsmanship is more important than the victory. Such people should be banished for life. I do not want someone like that to be called a supporter of mine. I want nothing…

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