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2012 IXS Cycling Shorts- Meadow Comp, Carberry, and Nepean Pro

2012 ixs cycling shorts meadow comp carberry and nepeanpro   2012 IXS Cycling Shorts   Meadow Comp, Carberry, and Nepean Pro

Meadow Comp, Carberry, and NepeanPro are three of the cycling shorts released by IXS for 2012. The first two shorts have similar features. Both designed with a sportive shape, these two shorts feature a six-section cut.

The Meadow Comp and Carberry cycling shorts have quick drying and flatlock features. For those who are looking for waterproof shorts, the ideal shorts are the Nepean Pro, which are designed with a sporty fit and reflective elements and include a bag to stow.

Breathable and humidity transporting, all the 2012 IXS Cycling Shorts- Meadow Comp, Carberry, and NepeanPro offer excellent riding comfort. Both antibacterial, the Meadow Comp and Carberry cycling shorts offer not only excellent comfort but also protection.

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2011 O Neal Element Cycling Shorts

2011 o neal element cycling shorts 2   2011 O Neal Element Cycling Shorts

With a spacious and comfortable fit, the 2011 O’Neal Element cycling shorts are one of the popular choices on the market among riders today. This is also a perfect garment for cyclists who want to ride in style, especially for mountain, freeride and DH biking.

Making the O’Neal cycling shorts are the heavy duty denier fabrics and durable spandex, which also allows for stretching and enhanced movement in critical areas. Outside the short is a 100% nylon while the inner lining is 100% Polyester. All stress areas and full Dupont Kevlar knee areas feature triple stitching.

With an excellent protection, style and comfort, the 2011 O’Neal Element cycling shorts has a lot to offer, including the 840 D fabric, 120mm woven stretch Spandex side panels, and injection molded rubber graphics.

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Rockgardn All-Mountain Wear

rockgardn all mountain wear 11 287x300   Rockgardn All Mountain WearRockgardn Sports Inc., the hard-core producer of DH armor, has introduced its latest “Karma” collections of mountain outwear such as shorts, jerseys and matching gloves. The President of Rockgardn Sports Inc. Mark Carlton stated, “…with the Karma line, we’re trying to reach out to a slightly different audience.” The Karma All-Mountain collection of shorts and jerseys are coming out in two color combination’s which could be interchangeably matched into four different looks and sporty styles.

The new Karma All-Mountain Shorts are made of 100% micro-fiber twill which is tough, rugged, wrinkle free and remarkably soft to wear. The seat and crotch panels stretch to allow unrestricted and comfortable movement. An elastic waistband and independent belt are set to reach a perfect suitable fit. There are two side pockets and thigh pockets as well and another pocket at the butt portion. They are perfectly designed to match the Karma Jerseys and…

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