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DZR GMT-8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

gmt 8 strasse ovis dzr shoes 1 300x216   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

DZR Shoes came from a shared passion by its husband-wife owners. The shoes are all SPD compatible and are designed to be comfortable as well as functional. For the men’s line-up, there are 3 models, the GMT-8, Strasse and Ovis.

With a retail price of $85, the GMT-8 has a slim sneaker profile with a flexible grip. It sports a classic, timeless appeal, a favorable look for many.

The Strasse is a throwback from the 1920s. It uses full grain leather and herringbone material. With a midtop cut for ample protection and support, it retails for $110.

Made from soft supply leather, the Ovis is a non-padded midtop shoe. It is priced at $120.

The 3 models feature DZR Shoes variable-flex nylon inner shank, performance mapped flex and strategic stiffness for optimum pedal power. A 600 luminosity reflective badge is stamped on each shoe for visibility.

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DZR Women Cycling Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR Women Cycling Shoes

dzr women cycling shoes 1 300x216   DZR Women Cycling Shoes

DZR Shoes introduces its latest urban cycling shoes for women, the Kowloon and Tosca. The form and fit of the line is more geared towards function rather than style.

The Kowloon features a classic high top design, non-padded and nylon inner shank. It is also stiff in all the right areas to maximize power transfer on when pedaling. It has a 600 luminosity reflective badge and retails for $120.

The Tosca is made from full grain leather and herringbone fabric. It carries the same features as the Kowloon. Both models are SPD compatible and have performance mapped flex for maximum mobility and performance. The Tosca retails at $110.

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2011 Giro Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Shoes

2011 giro shoes 1 300x119   2011 Giro Shoes2011 brings Giro at the forefront with its Performance Shoe Line. It took Giro two years to develop the line and will be available in January 2011. Composed of 7 models, the new footwear was designed for road and mountain biking. It uses high modulus carbon soles and composite soles. The models feature custom fasteners, X-static material and Teijin uppers.

The 2011 Giro shoes feature the SuperNatural Fit Footbed kit. The kit has different inserts you can choose from to give you proper arch support on whichever shoe you’re wearing. Sold as an aftersales product, the SuperNatural Fit Footbed is made specific for cycling shoes. No tools are needed to enhance the total fit of your foot and cycling shoe.

The Road models are the Prolight SLX, Trans and the Factor. The Prolight SLX uses the EC90 SLX outsole and has titanium thread inserts. It has 3 velcro straps and…

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Cadence x DVS Milan

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cadence x DVS Milan

cadence x dvs milan 300x147   Cadence x DVS Milan

The Cadence x DVS Milan is the result of a collaboration between the cycling and skateboarding world. The shoe marks a growing wave shoes geared for cycling and street use. Made from waxed canvas, the Cadence x DVS Milan is water-resistant. To hide its lacing and prevent tangling, the shoe features a custom tongue design.

For added comfort, the Cadence x DVS Milan has a mesh underlay and suede overlay that assists its user in obtaining a strong cage grip. As for breathability, the shoe has perforated leather and backing material, so air can easily escape.

The Cadence x DVS Milan is available through pre-order. Shipping will begin by mid June. Colors available are yellow, black and grey. However, the yellow is already sold out. Retail price is $65.00….

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Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

nike78 waffle racers spd 300x200   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

78 creatives answers the call of riders who are looking for a pair of cycling cleats without the cycling cleat look. The result is a pair of Nike78 Waffle Racers SPDs.

It was Dan Mather, a graphics designer, who came up with this innovative idea, which involved merging his Nike Waffle Racers with his cycling cleats. Mather began designing his hybrid shoe after realizing how limited he was with his cycling specific cleats while off the saddle.

Unlike regular cycling shoes that have cleats exposed, the Nike78 SPD does a better job of concealing the cleats, allowing for a more casual street wear look. With Mather’s design, urban cyclists can cross over between cycling and urban cruising without having to change shoes….

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Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

shimano m182 mtb shoes   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

The Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes are specifically made to give comfort and fit without sacrificing performance and durability.

The M182 has soles with glass fiber as part of its composition. A nylon-polyurethane material strengthens the outer sole and allows optimal power transmission from your feet to your pedals.

The mountain bike shoes have composite toe spikes to give you better foothold on loose ground or muddy areas. An abrasive scuff-toe guard is on the area where it can get scratched when used. It also has a breathable mesh designed to compliment the polyurethane coated synthetic leather.

To keep your feet secure and avoid loosening, a padded micro-adjustable buckle is in place. There are also dual offset straps to relieve pressure from your feet. These straps are cut in varying lengths so you can choose which would fit you better.

The retail price for the Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes is $124.98 and is…

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Bontrager Wingtip Urban Cycling Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Wingtip Urban Cycling Shoes

bontrager wingtip urban cycling shoes   Bontrager Wingtip Urban Cycling Shoes

There are a great many cycling shoes out there, however, they are mostly aimed at road and mountain cyclists. The Bontrager Wingtip Urban Cycling Shoes, however, are designed with a more urban taste to them, while still remaining tailored to cycling. They feature full leather uppers with a primary lace closure underneath a buckled hood. A rubber sole and nylon reinforcement help add flexibility and stiffness to the shoe. There is even reflective material in the mix for that nighttime safety. No word yet on availability or pricing, but maybe expect spring at Bontrager.

Via Urban Velo….

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