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uk women petition for safer roads   UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

9,000 women in the United Kingdom have signed and delivered a petition to Transport Minister Sadiq Khan. Their request? Better safety conditions for cyclists on British roads.

The Motion for Women was launched last year in September, and the 9,000-strong signed petition was finally delivered this week to the House of Commons by cyclists Terry Cassels and Rachael Wood. Copies were also sent to the National Assemblies of Scotland and Wales.

The petition was born out of the results of a survey by Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity. The results showed that around 79% of the women in the United Kingdom never ride on bicycles. The number one reason for this, according to the survey, was that the women respondents “did not feel safe”.

Rachael Wood emphasized the necessity of removing this “fear factor” out of the equation, saying that this is critical to be able to encourage…

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