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2012 Zoic Black Market Convertible Cycling Pants

2012 zoic black market convertible cycling pants   2012 Zoic Black Market Convertible Cycling Pants

New stylish cycling apparels have been released by Zoic for 2012, which includes the convertible cycling pants called Black Market. Built from a technical quick-dry fabric with a little spandex for stretch, these cycling pants are designed to zip off into shorts.

Featured by the Black Market are some nice cuffs that button up with reflective bits at the bottom. It also has a stretch waistband that comes with an adjustable buckle. Inside the pants is a padded liner that offers maximum comfort.

Aside from its impressive fashion and function, the 2012 Zoic Black Market Convertible Cycling Pants are also reasonably priced. Sliding on and off the saddle is made easier through the gussetted crotch. On the legs are angled zip pockets that allows for easy access during rides, too.

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Cycling Apparel Is Not All About Spandex Anymore

cycling apparel is not all about spandex anymore   Cycling Apparel Is Not All About Spandex Anymore

A cycling shop in New York has been in business for more than two years selling cycling wear that is made out of natural materials, and not spandex.

This shop, called Pedaler Clothing, was started by Trinity Kerr and Virginia Elwood, two friends who got tired of wearing their cycling apparel when they’re out commuting on their bicycles. Specifically, their shop sells sustainable, American-made cycling clothes that don’t look like, well… cycling clothes.

Kerr and Elwood make sure that they only use natural materials in their apparel and create designs that make these clothes comfortable to wear for cyclists, while avoiding the traditional look and feel of common spandex shorts and jerseys. And get this – they even use bamboo on some of their clothes. Kerr says that bamboo makes draining off sweat faster and easier than even cotton.

You can’t have cycling wear without the reflective logos to keep…

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Gore FUSION SO Off-Road Cycling Pants

gore fusion so pants   Gore FUSION SO Off Road Cycling Pants

After hitting the trail hard all week wearing Gore’s off-road specific FUSION SO Pants, a part of the bike apparel manufacture’s Fall/Winter collection for 2010, we’ve gathered some consensus.

Gore’s patented loose fitting WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabric assists in keeping those legs safe on the trail from windy weather conditions, which has been prevalent in our area this season. When temperatures climb, the pants can be quickly modified by instantly transforming into shorts through its zip-off pant leg feature.

Though loose fitting, the FUSION SO comes equipped with very handy integrated Velcro straps that harness the rugged material built around the ankles to keep your chain from eating your pants. Velcro straps are also found around the waistband for a tailored fit.

The FUSION SO incorporates user-friendly front pockets on each side with a zipper to protect any goods from falling out. The pants are also host to a rear zipper…

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