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Cycling Apparel Is Not All About Spandex Anymore

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cycling Apparel Is Not All About Spandex Anymore

cycling apparel is not all about spandex anymore   Cycling Apparel Is Not All About Spandex Anymore

A cycling shop in New York has been in business for more than two years selling cycling wear that is made out of natural materials, and not spandex.

This shop, called Pedaler Clothing, was started by Trinity Kerr and Virginia Elwood, two friends who got tired of wearing their cycling apparel when they’re out commuting on their bicycles. Specifically, their shop sells sustainable, American-made cycling clothes that don’t look like, well… cycling clothes.

Kerr and Elwood make sure that they only use natural materials in their apparel and create designs that make these clothes comfortable to wear for cyclists, while avoiding the traditional look and feel of common spandex shorts and jerseys. And get this – they even use bamboo on some of their clothes. Kerr says that bamboo makes draining off sweat faster and easier than even cotton.

You can’t have cycling wear without the reflective logos to keep…

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2010 BMC Racing Jerseys

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 BMC Racing Jerseys

2010 bmc racing jerseys   2010 BMC Racing Jerseys The BMC Racing Team made the Tour Down Under their personal showcase as they unveiled their latest racing jerseys for 2010. Coined the “red devils”, the eye-catching kit certainly deserved the hype it enjoyed.

BMC played it real close to the chest whenever somebody would ask them about the design of their latest jerseys, and made everyone wait until this moment to finally reveal their snazzy kit.

Of course, there were other big moments for BMC, as current World Champion Cadel Evans and current U.S. Champion George Hincapie stood in line with the rest of the enthusiastic team during their team presentation at the Tour Down Under.

The fans showed their approval of the quality lineup as the “Red Devils” received the loudest applause of all the teams present….

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