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2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

2011 swrve cycling jeans   2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

Commuters will look great on and off the bike with the 2011 swerve Cycling Jeans. Ease of cycling movement is guaranteed by the fabric of the garment, which is made of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra. For more comfort, the jeans have a seamless gusseted crotch.

Riders enjoy a nice bike or barstool fit, which is enhanced by the cycling jeans’ articulated knees. To prevent the belt from digging into the rider’s gut, the waist in front of the jeans is styled low. On the other hand, the waist in back is made higher for design and warmth.

With a fashionable trim fit, the 2011 swerve Cycling Jeans are suitable for daily use. Durability is enhanced by the topnotch YKK zipper 8 rivets. On the inside right leg, there is a reflective strip that is exposed when the chain side leg is turned up.

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2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

2011 levi’s cycling apparel   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

Levi’s is conquering the cycling world by launching a commuter line this year. First off is the classic 511® Skinny Commuter jean developed with proprietary nanopsphere treatment that keeps it stain-free. The denim fabric used is lightweight and stretchy. The holster is made more durable by a subtle detail.

Integrated into the denim is a zippered stash pocket and a u-lock holster complete with campione del monde stripes. Also, the jeans are gusseted to avoid crotch blowout while a higher-cut back hides the plumber’s crack. For better visibility, 3M-lining is added on the inner cuff.

Aside from the jeans, the 2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel features a cycling jacket. Along with the same nanopsphere treatment, the Trucker jacket is made more cycling-specific by the classic silhouette’s subtle details and the sleeves’ reinforced accordion design. Breathability is enhanced by the vents across the back.

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