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2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

2011 levi’s cycling apparel   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

Levi’s is conquering the cycling world by launching a commuter line this year. First off is the classic 511® Skinny Commuter jean developed with proprietary nanopsphere treatment that keeps it stain-free. The denim fabric used is lightweight and stretchy. The holster is made more durable by a subtle detail.

Integrated into the denim is a zippered stash pocket and a u-lock holster complete with campione del monde stripes. Also, the jeans are gusseted to avoid crotch blowout while a higher-cut back hides the plumber’s crack. For better visibility, 3M-lining is added on the inner cuff.

Aside from the jeans, the 2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel features a cycling jacket. Along with the same nanopsphere treatment, the Trucker jacket is made more cycling-specific by the classic silhouette’s subtle details and the sleeves’ reinforced accordion design. Breathability is enhanced by the vents across the back.

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2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

2011 santini h2o epic jacket   2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

One of the popular all-round jackets in 2011 is the Santini H2O Epic Jacket. This cycling jacket is hugely breathable and will surely keep the rider dry in most conditions. Its fabric is exceptionally stretchy and breathable so riding in comfort is guaranteed.

There are two different types of fabric that make the H2O jacket, which are the black panels and white areas. The black panels are made from Nextec’s Epic polyester while the white areas are the new fabric, AquaZero that is made from nylon and elastane.

Windproof, the Nextec fabric lets no water through during extremely wet rides even after several washes in the machine. The AquaZero is less watertight but it can still tackle drizzle and light rain. During rides when the weather is unpredictable, the 2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket is a great choice. …

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2011 Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets

2011 helly hansen waterproof jackets   2011 Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets

A new four-strong range of Helly Hansen waterproof jackets are launched for spring 2011. Multifunction is the major feature of the 2011 Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets, as they can tackle rides during the inclement weather and even off the bike.

Though 2011 Helly Hansen waterproof jackets are not strictly bike-specific, they are also an ideal cycling jacket that can also be used in various sports and social settings as well. One of the Helly Hansen waterproof jackets is the Dakota Jacket, which features a clean-cut outdoor shell with pit zip venting, cotton-like Helly Tech waterproof breathable weather protection, and adjustable cuffs and soft.

Another brand from Helly Hansen waterproof jackets is the lightweight Anchorage Jacket, which features a hem drawcord, a one-hand hood adjustment, and adjustable cuffs both for male and female riders. Ideal for female riders are the Vancouver Packable Jacket and Granville Jacket that fold up into…

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2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

2011 assos airjack 851 cycling jacket   2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

Designed for winter rides, the Assos Airjack 851 cycling jacket can tackle temperatures that range from 32-47 degrees. Aside from outstanding thermal protection down to freezing conditions, the Airjack 851 also provides total wind protection.

To protect riders even from the most frigid breezes, the jackets fabric is strategically distribute at the collar, chest, and fronts of the arms. With its outstanding windproofness, the Assos Airjack allows riders to ride on without feeling the air seep through and hit skin.

When in riding position, riders can get rid of excess material on the sleeves and chest with the AEPD II design of the Airjack 851 jacket. Though it carries less volume, the Airjack does not compromise the riders’ freedom of movement. To conform to the rider’s movement, Airblock 851 4-way stretch fabric is used.

Additional features of the cycling jacket are a zippered rear pocket and reflective accents for safety.

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2012 Adidas Cycling Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Adidas Cycling Jacket

2012 adidas cycling jacket   2012 Adidas Cycling Jacket

What makes a cycling jacket worthy? Seeking out the perfect jacket is so important ’cause nothing beats the essence of being comfortable on a ride. The best jacket really depends on the kind of cycling preferred.

As for the 2012 Adidas Cycling Jacket, it’s great when used for daily commuting. Made from ClimaProof fabric, the Adidas jacket is water repellent. Specially designed with a hood that can be stored in the collar to maximize comfort, the jacket features an invisible zip for underarm ventilation and a dropped hem for maximum protection. Its neon green colorway makes it a safe choice on the roads, too.

Furthermore, built with two front welt pockets and one back pocket, the 2012 Adidas Cycling Jacket comes with a reflective silver pipping and reflective silver cycling pictogram on the back….

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