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Vulpine Cycling Clothing Brand Launched

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vulpine Cycling Clothing Brand Launched

vulpine cycling clothing brand launched 3   Vulpine Cycling Clothing Brand Launched

A new cycling clothing brand named Vulpine has been launched for 2012 with five garments. The brand new cycling apparel collection includes a softshell jacket, cotton rain jacket, cotton essay service visibility gilet, merino generic cialis without prescription T-shirt, and merino button jersey.

Ideal both for on and off-road rides, the Vulpine cycling clothes are both functional and technically outstanding. Also, British designers crafted these clothes with clean styling and striking classic aesthetics making them fashionable garments off the bike.

Though newly launched, the Vulpine cycling clothing brand has created one of the most practical cycling clothes on the market today, thanks to the clothes’ minimalist style as well as topnotch detailing and visibility features.

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2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range

2011 oneten cycling clothing range   2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range

OneTen, the latest cycling clothing brand for 2011, has launched a range that includes the Primo bib shorts, Giro short sleeve jersey, and Vento wind jacket. Supported by scientific and physiological cycling-specific principles, these garments can tackle the most demanding of conditions very well.

A 3D engineered fabric allows the OneTen Primo bib shorts to regulate heat and moisture effectively. Ultimate comfort is guaranteed by its modern synthetic chamois even during long rides. Also of high quality is the ultra-light, quick-drying microfiber polyester used for the OneTen Giro short sleeve jersey.

Small enough to pack into the rear pocket, the OneTen Vento wind jacket features micro-denier polyamide fabric and cut that ensure comfort in all conditions. From the 2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range are first-rate cycling shorts, jersey, and jacket expansively tested in any environmental conditions.

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