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Walz Caps Cycling Caps

walz caps cycling caps   Walz Caps Cycling Caps

Walz Caps are known for creating durable and comfortable cycling caps today. The caps are designed to be use on and off the bike. There are three different styles of cycling caps that Walz Caps offer. First is the classic four-panel that features an elastic back for a comfortable fit, second is the four-panel ear flap, and last is the three-panel, which is soft, that features a bill liner and provides comfort as well as versatility.

Now, there are different kinds of styles and designs of Walz caps that are made suitable for its user.

First are the Cotton Blend caps, which are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They feature a soft, comfortable and flexible bill stabilizer.

Then there are the Moisture Wicking caps. These caps are 100% knit polyester, which are lightweight, coming in at 7 oz. The wicking finish draws the moisture away and the fabric…

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Bianchi Classic, Vintage, Celeste Italian Championship Cycling Caps

bianchi classic vintage celeste italian championship cycling caps   Bianchi Classic, Vintage, Celeste Italian Championship Cycling Caps

Bianchi has a long history in cycling, 125 years worth. This not only shows within the Bianchi bicycle line, but in its apparel too, including four new cycling caps Bianchi released.

The four new Bianchi cycling caps are the Classic, Vintage, Celeste and Italian Championship. All the caps live up to their names.

The Classic cycling cap is made of Bianchi’s timeless wool jersey material and comes in white/blue. The Vintage cap uses white/black as its colors and is made of cotton. The Celeste cap is Bianchi’s traditional cap, with the logo placed across the front. Last but not least is the Italian Championship cap, featuring the Italy flag colors and the Bianchi logo under the bill, on the front, and sides.

You can buy any of the cycling caps at Bianchi for $19.50 each.

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