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Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

louis garneau europcar professional cycling custom kit custom helmets   Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

The 2011 cycling season will prove to be a big victory not only for cycling teams from around the world but also for the Europcar Professional Cycling Team Custom kit and custom helmet.

One great thing that racing teams should look forward to this year is that Louis Garneau will now officially be providing both apparel and helmets for cycling. The new and improved helmet and apparel is the product of intense study and observation of a windtunnel’s effect on body acceleration to enhance the aerodynamic performance. Louis Garneau’s International Marketing Director, Pierre Perro, was proud when saying that the new apparel and helmet will definitely exceed any standards on cycling apparel.

With the help of the study conducted on wind resistance to a cyclist’s placing, the technology and the design for the Mondo Jersey was created. The upgraded jersey has multiple zones and technology that can easily adapt with airflow…

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Trek Project One Bike

trek project one bike   Trek Project One Bike

If you’ve ever wanted to build a custom bike fit exactly to your needs and wants, Trek’s Project One just might be the thing you’re looking for.  The Trek Project One Custom Bike Program allows you to turn your biking ideas into reality by letting you customize your own set. Building your own bike is now at your fingertips in three easy steps:

Create It:

This is where you get to build your bike up from scratch. Just pick your overall options, a paint scheme you fancy and maybe even throw in your own name for it.  Once that’s all taken care of, just send your idea to a Trek dealer.

Complete It:

Head on over to your local Trek dealer to make adjustments and fine-tune your specs, sizes and colors with the help of a Trek Project One Pro Fit Consult. Make your downpayment to seal the deal.

Ride It:

Once it’s all done,…

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Trek K-Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

trek k swiss speed concepts bike   Trek K Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

On October 9th, the Trek K-Swiss team took to the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii. Representing Trek/K-Swiss was Julie Dibens, Chris Lieto, and Fraser Cartmell. For the event, Trek made four custom Speed Concept triathlon bikes.

The Trek K-Swiss Custom Speed Concepts were made in different colorways, three representing specific cyclists. The red/white-blue Speed Concept is Chris Lieto’s, Julie Dibens has the sky blue/white/red model, and Fraser Cartmell was issued the blue/black-white tri-bike. The last Speed Concept uses traditional colors, adding the K-Swiss logo.

Each K-Swiss Trek Speed Concept features the respective brand’s logos and branding of the rider. To receive your own custom Speed Concept, visit Trek Project One.

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Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

shorty fatz 8 series custom bikes   Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

Shorty Fatz creates custom bikes in San Jose, CA. One of his offerings is the 8 series.

The Shorty Fatz 8 Series can be customized for fixed gear riding or single speed commuting. Quality goes into every product as the frame is 4130 Chromoly and made in the USA. Stock colors are white, yellow, black, and raw finish, but the colors are almost endless if you choose the custom package.

Each 8 Series comes with a Phil Wood Half link eccentric shell. What this does is it allows the bottom bracket to be easily tightened or loosened with an Allen wrench.

Available as a frame only, starting at $875. For a complete build pricing starts at $1,760.

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Rafael R-011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike

rafael r 011 carbon triathlon custom bike   Rafael R 011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike

Rafael Hoffleit first introduced his custom carbon triathlon bike at the European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition, and with attention foces on the R-008, R-009, Rafael shows us the newest model, the R-011. The Rafael R-011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike features a integrated hydration and steering system allowing you to use hidden standard cable shifting systems, while you can place the fluid in the hydration system by the top and refill while riding. Check out the other pictures below.

Source: Bicycle Design

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Ewan McGregor The Last Word Movie – Custom Fixed Gear Bike

ewan mcgregor the last word movie custom fixed gear bike   Ewan McGregor The Last Word Movie   Custom Fixed Gear Bike

The Last Word starring Ewan McGregor is a love story in a city where people are losing their sensory perception, but moving forward, McGregor will ride a custom fixed gear bike. Purchased from Tokyo Fixed Gear, the frame is a Gorilla Hattara, and Ewan is wearing Pedal.e.d, CCP and Swrve clothing. It is said that Ewan purchased two bikes, one to ride in the movie, and one to take home, as he is addicted to riding.

Source: Tokyo Fixed Gear

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