pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 WeThePeople Crysis BMX Bike

2012 wethepeople crysis bmx bike 2   2012 WeThePeople Crysis BMX Bike

New for style-conscious BMX riders is the Crysis, which has been released by WeThePeople Bicycles for 2012. In order to make it not just a stylish BMX bike but also a strong and durable one, this bike is built from a cromo 4130 Hi-Ten frame and fork.

Designed with an attention to detail attitude, the Crysis can tackle the severity of BMX riding. This BMX machine takes pride in its high quality, which it owes to the package of state-of-the-art Master level parts and Salt components.

With the 2012 WeThePeople Crysis BMX Bike, riders can hit the city streets in style with reliable performance. This bike is equipped with reliable spec and components, making it an ideal companion for those who want to hone their skills on tricks.


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