pinit fg en rect gray 20   Crud Roadracer Mk2 Mudguard

crud roadracer mk2 300x210   Crud Roadracer Mk2 MudguardThe Roadracer from Crud gets modified to become the Crud Roadracer mk2 mud guard. After numerous customer feedback, it now has longer tail pieces. It comes in three parts (nose, blade and tail) which are clipped together. It is extremely flexible without its stays.

It weighs 180 grams per pair and has open holes for stay screws to have easy detachment when something is snagged in the wheel spokes. The stays are made of hlass filled nylon which you can also break easily.

The Roadracer mk2 hovers in place and has fiber brushes which minimizes road vibration and also cleans the surface of the rim.

The Crud Roadracer mk2 mud guard is durable, flexible and floats to ensure you have safety while riding even if something gets caught on your wheels. It retails for £29.99.

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