pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Create Bikes Fixed Gear Range

2012 create bikes fixed gear range   2012 Create Bikes Fixed Gear Range

Since its establishment in late 2009, the London-based bicycle company called Create Bikes has been known for its fantastic urban bikes. For 2012, Create Bikes goes on to work on an international level competitively and creatively as it introduces a new range of fixed gear bikes for 2012.

The price of the new Create Bikes fixed gear machines will be increased since it will offer 23 amazing upgrades. All its new hubs and bottom bracket, dropouts, pedals and straps are all enhanced. Moreover, its tires are given higher specs. A new undersized 48cm frame size will also be offered in 2012.
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Included in the 2012 Create Bikes Fixed Gear Range are two bikes with one model for men and one for women. Both of the male and female versions are available in a selection of colors, which include white, silver,…

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