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SRAM Red Crankset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red Crankset

hero larger 2011   SRAM Red CranksetThe SRAM Red series offers another great addition to it’s well rounded group of products for your bike. This time the new SRAM RED Crankset is being delivered to your garage complete with new and improved technology as well as the trademark style and materials you’ve come to love from SRAM.

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Campagnolo CX Cranksets

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campagnolo cx cranksets 1 300x211   Campagnolo CX CranksetsCampagnolo ventures to the rain and mud with its CX Power-Torque Cranksets. They come in carbon and aluminum versions but with the carbon components weighing lighter by 100g. The cranks come in 10-speed and 11 speed versions aptly named CX10 and CX11 respectively. For the carbon models, they weigh 628g (11-speed) and 629g (10-speed). As for the aluminum models, they weigh 728g (11-speed) and 731g (10-speed).

The CX Power-Torque Cranksets feature Campagnolo’s C.A.R.T. or Cyclocross Advanced Racing Techonlogy. This was applied to the chainrings which actually uses a special drivetrain for smaller chainrings. The Power-Torque BB has the doubleslip pedal feature to protect and prolong the bearing life of your bike.

The Campagnolo CX Power-Torque Cranksets will be available of 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths.

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2011 Rotor 3D+ Crank

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rotor 3D+ Crank

2011 rotor 3d 300x199   2011 Rotor 3D+ CrankIn Eurobike 2010, Rotor unveils its recently updated cranks called the 3D+ cranks. The new and better version of the 3D now has a 30mm axle. This makes the 3D+ cranks compatible with other BB30, BBright spindle size from Cervelo and any BSA threaded frame.

The 2011 Rotor 3D+ is certified by the EN14781 standards. This make is of great quality. The compact BCD version weighs 470 grams while they carry a 493 grams. It also has special chainring spiders which would mean that the 2011 Rotor 3D+ cranks can be used for time trial and triathlon cycling.

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SRAM X0 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM X0 2011

sram x0 2011 1 279x300   SRAM X0 2011

SRAM reveals its X0 2011, expected to be available to the market in August 2010. The X0 family has cranks made from carbon with aluminum inserts for its spindle and pedals. The cranks have a spider alloy which can easily be put in or out. Three T2 bolts allow the spiders to jump from a two-ring or three-ring set up. Also, choose from 170mm or 175 mm long, BB30 or GXP bottom bracket, or from colors of red, gold, black or blue.

The cranks are durable and strong to the level of downhill standards. As for the speed rear derailleur, the C-clips, which used to be at the bottom of the parallelogram, were moved to the top for safety from getting in the way. It also has a new chassis with three cage lengths (short, medium and long) and is compatible with 36-tooth cassette cogs. The derailleur weighs 190 grams. On…

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MRP Camber Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   MRP Camber Cranks

mrp camber cranks   MRP Camber CranksIf you want something light, durable yet cheap then MRP Camber Cranks is the tool for you. The newest product from MRP gives you this cutting edge of new-school lightweight  downhill set of cranks. Forged in alloy together with their axle and bottom bracket, the weight is surprisingly just 88g. It surpasses the 150g benchmark of other products like the Shimano Saint, impressive to those who know how a real chain set is.

The camber weighs lesser because of the reduction of weight on the back of its arms, a hollow chromoly spindle plus the absence of the granny ring tabs. There is no problem when it comes to chain device compatibility too something that makes this product even great. With extensive materials out of the way, the cranks work perfect.

A series of tests were given only to find out that these is a pair of really stiff cranks…

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Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010

Rotor spruces up Agilis 2010 1   Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010

Rotor Bike Components always try to manufacture products that can make your cycling experience better. Newly improved AGILIS 2010 gets a makeover that can make each cyclist want to own one of it. The updated axle has increased stiffness while the modified crank is made up of Hollowminium II. This is one of Rotor Technology that throws out unnecessary materials leaving only the needed components of the compound.

Following suit with their 3D cranks, the AGILIS 2010 has similar axle and crank clamp design. There will be a need for a conventional manner in the installation process. Replacing the use of two conventional bolts for clamping is a solo oversized DTT bolt. It functions to connect the crank and the bolt and allows you to avoid the need for a torque wrench.

The crank may seem flimsy to look at, however don’t be fooled because it is quite stiff. All crank spiders…

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Rotor 3D Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rotor 3D Cranks

rotor 3d cranks   Rotor 3D Cranks

The Rotor 3D Cranks are created by Rotor, but was tested by the Cervelo Team while partaking in the 2009 Tour de France. When it came to the design, Rotor added their Trinity Drilling System, which is basically three holes drilled into the aluminum bar and runs along the crank. The Rotor 3D Crank road bike set is available in 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm lengths, followed with 130mm BCD or compact 110mm BCD Spider. You can use with the SAAB bearings or Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket. Retail is £245.00 for the set.

Source: Roadcyclinguk

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