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Spike Parts Fallout Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spike Parts Fallout Cranks

spike parts fallout cranks   Spike Parts Fallout Cranks

Spike Parts has announced that their Fallout Cranks are releasing soon. How soon? We expect in the next month or so (not confirmed).

For those that are not familiar with the Spike Parts Fallout Cranks, they feature a 4130 Chromoly arms along with a 19mm axel and a 48mm splined hollow spindle, both will keep the cranks running strong when riding fixed. Overall, they weigh in at 30.4 ounces.

Upon release, the Fallout Cranks will be available in 175MM length and your choice of nickel black or matte black.

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2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks

2012 surly mwod mr whirly offset double cranks   2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks

New from Surly Bikes for 2012 are cranks called MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double), which is designed to tackle the dilemma of bikes with massively oversized tires having chains rubbing on the tires. A new spindle, which is longer than the existing Pugsley spec spindle, will also be used.

While the MWOD utilizes the Mr. Whirly arms on hand, the middle ring shifts to its place after the big ring is dropped. In essence, the granny ring mounts directly up to the spider mounting holes. The middle ring connects to the granny ring afterwards.

For riders who have bikes with very big tires, the 2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks are a great help. Aside from being rearranged, the rings are exclusively designed by Surly. Tooth options include 20/32 and 22/36. It will be available in black.

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2011 Shimano 105 FC-5750 Crank

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano 105 FC 5750 Crank

2011 shimano 105 fc 5750   2011 Shimano 105 FC 5750 Crank

The 2011 Shimano 105 FC – 5750 is a quality crank for road bikes. The crank was made sure to have a smooth rotation to ensure greater action. Built with an increased spacing between the plates to achieve a lower contact to the chain when switching to smaller gears, the 2011 Shimano 105 is very easy to install and set-up.

The crank comes with 10-speed cassette crown that features HOLLOWTECH II cranks, dual SIS compatibility, hyperdrive compatibility and a 50-34 tooth gear. The shoulder is made of aluminum material with adonized aluminum plates. The length of the arm is 170mm.

The 2011 Shimano 105 FC-5750 Crank approximately weighs 805 grams without secondary motion….

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2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

2011 wethepeople royal v2.0 crank   2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

Quality is of the essence when it comes to cranks. And Wethepeople gives us the assurance that they have delivered quality cranks all these years. The 2011 Royal V2.0 Crank is here to live up to what Wethepeople has assured us.

The Royal V2.0 crank has a better and improved crank arm shape with a lightweight bottle spindle. It comes with fitting and removal tools with extra bolt holes for sprockets less than 23t. In full 4130 CrMo tubing, liquid post heat-treated, the Royal crank has a spindle of 19mm 4130 CrMo. The 175mm crank arm weighs 311g and the hardened CrMo butted spindle weighs 216g.

Comes in five different colors to serve you best in providing what you need in the style department.

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Specialized S-Works Road Crank Arm Crank Lengths

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized S Works Road Crank Arm Crank Lengths

Specialized S Works Road Crank Arm1   Specialized S Works Road Crank Arm Crank Lengths

If you are looking for the best strength-to-weight crank, try Specialized S-Works Road Crank Arm. This third generation hollow carbon crank arm is stiff with its oversized alloy spindle, self-adjusting oversized 42 mm cartridge bearings, and new unidirectional carbon fiber finish. It also includes all hardware and is compatible with BB30 and specialized road frames with an oversized bottom bracket shell.

The Specialized S-Works Road Crank Arm is available at the lengths of 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180 mm, all at $250.00. Take note, however, that these crank length variations are insignificant. It is not a problem with average sized cyclists. But for tall cyclists, a crank that is 185 mm or longer is recommended. At the moment, there are a limited number of long cranks on the market. …

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Paul Components Road Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Paul Components Road Cranks

paul components road cranks   Paul Components Road Cranks

Pure and reliable describe Paul Components Road Cranks. Its crank arms are made from 2024 aluminum, which is a stronger and stiffer kind. Polished in high quality standards, Paul Road cranks are available in two lengths, 165mm and 170mm.

These cranks are built with four 7075 Aluminum chain ring bolts with T25 Torx heads bolt through the chain ring and into the reinforced spider on the crank arm, which all are ultimately made from a specially designed interlocking chain ring/crank interface. The threads are deeper and the spider is reinforced, which makes the assembly more intact.

Paul Road Cranks expresses the durability of the chain rings that are made out from 6.3mm aluminum plate. The chain rings, also in two patterns—the circles and Royal Flush, comes in six different sizes that you can choose from such as 32, 34, 36, 39, 46 and 48 tooth rings for circles and 46 and…

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Profile Sparkle Gold Cranks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Profile Sparkle Gold Cranks

profile sparkle gold cranks 300x174   Profile Sparkle Gold Cranks

Looking for cranks? You might want to check out the newly released Profile Sparkle Gold Cranks. Just like the black and polished ones, Profile Racing promises that these gold cranks will provide the kind comfortability and confidence needed for cycling. For eight fulfilling years, Profile Racing continues to share their expertise in adding excitement to the cycling world. The Profile Sparkle Gold Cranks are 175mm, timeless and enduring, now available RHD only….

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