2012 crankbrothers cobalt 11 29er carbon wheelset 2   2012 CrankBrothers Cobalt 11 29er Carbon Wheelset

Highlight of the 2012 range released by CrankBrothers is its new 29er carbon fiber wheelset called Cobalt 11. What is very noticeable with the new wheels is that they have a carbon fiber rim, which is key to its incredibly light weight and excellent stiffness.

Tubeless compatible, the 19mm wide rims utilize the original CrankBrothers twinpair spoke-lacing design around its own design hubs. To make the wheels stronger and stiffer, vertical ribs secure the spokes in place rather than the usual design having rim spoke holes.

With its combined light weight and unique aesthetics, the 2012 CrankBrothers Cobalt 11 29er Carbon Wheelset is the ideal machine for race hardtails. On the other hand, since the wheels guarantee topnotch quality, they are quite pricey as compared to other 29er wheels.

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