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2012 Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals

2012 crank brothers mallet 2 pedals   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals

Crank Brothers has reintroduced its popular pedals called Mallet 2 for 2012. With a lower profile, the body of the pedals is constructed with a split polycarbonate/aluminum design. Dotted across these nicely updated pedals are adjustable 10mm pins.

Weighing in at 428g, the pedals are packed with an extensive list of impressive updates. These features include a 9/16″ thread, All-Access four-sided entry, cleat screws and shims, and two cleats that come with a six-degree float and two release angle options.

There will be three price points for the 2012 Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals, which are entry-level, mid-tier, and bells and whistles. With a large platform, the Mallet 2 gets a forged chromoly spindle and press-fit internals. Its combined needle and cartridge bearings guarantee smooth rolling.

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2012 Crank Brothers Baseline Gear Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Baseline Gear Bag

2012 crank brothers baseline gear bag   2012 Crank Brothers Baseline Gear Bag

Crank Brothers has created a new gear bag called Baseline for 2012. Featured by this polyester bag is a ballistic nylon base panel and brushed tricot goggle pocket. Made from these durable and high-class materials, this bag surely stokes downhill racers.

At a reasonable price, the Baseline is loaded with awesome features. These include a full face-compatible padded helmet pocket, seven separate storage pockets, and two external mesh pockets. This means that the bag is systematically designed to be spacious without having to be too bulky.

With its ingenuous design and construction, the 2012 Crank Brothers Baseline Gear Bag is ideal for any biking trip. With a capacity of 118 liters, the Baseline is a very handy duffle bag that allows riders to get their gear around efficiently.

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2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

2012 crank brothers 5050 pedals   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

Crank Brothers has released several new cycling products for 2012, which include the 5050 pedals. Across all pedal models, there are consistent parts and clear names with level 1 as brand entry and level 11 as elite. Spindle strength is increased by 50% and all spindles are suitable for all pedals.

While the aesthetics of the 5050 pedals are remarkable, the body construction uses polycarbonate and aluminum and the two-piece platform design is made slimmer to reduce weight and increase durability. Also used are inner bearings and 10mm pins.

All of the 2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals can be fully rebuilt. Instead of bushings, needle bearings are used by the 3 and 11 level pedals. While leak paths are eliminated, sealing of these new flat pedals are significantly enhanced, thanks to its new construction.

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2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

2012 crank brothers handlebars   2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

Crank Brothers has updated its four handlebars for 2012. First off, the Cobalt and Iodine bars get a bigger collection of widths. Created from strong and lightweight carbon, an ultra wide 780mm is added in the 11 level.

The new level 1 cockpit comes in a Cobalt seat post and bar and Iodine bar and stem for entry level users. Getting an angle update and width increase are the added bars, Opium 3 and Sage 2, which measure in at a massive 780mm width and 9 degrees of back sweep as well as 15mm and 30mm rise heights.

While the iron-colored 290g Opium 3 bar uses 7050 aluminum, the 325g Sage 2 uses 2014 aluminum. Indeed, the Cobalt, Iodine, Opium, and Sage bars are nicely updated to make a high quality range of 2012 Crank Brothers handlebars.

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2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

2012 crank brothers mallet   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

Riders looking for a light pair of eggbeater type of pedals should look no further than the new 2012 Crank Brothers Mallet pedals, which are totally lightweight with a total of 472 grams per pair.

These great looking pedals have forged scm435 spindle chromoly steel with aluminum platforms and carbon steel wings with 300 series stainless steel springs and 88mm set screw traction pins.

The pedals also have a release angle between 15 to 20 degrees with premium brass cleats for high durability with kick plates made of aluminum. Buyers would also get 2 years warranty for every set that they purchase for $140. Definitely a perfect fit for your BMX or MTB.

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2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

2012 crank brothers wheelset   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

With wide-ranging reduction of weight on their wheels through a new rim design, Crank Brothers will launch a refined wheelset line for 2012. Some weight is taken off by anodizing each rim black at first before machining it. Lastly, the rims are re-anodized with an accent color.

Also new for this 2012 wheelset is the color styling change featuring a beautiful two-tone freehub design and more inexpensive 2 level products. With a 142mm spacing option for some models, a new freehub design is included for more durability.

Included in the 2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset are the DH/race Opium 3, freeride Sage 2, premium carbon XC/race Cobalt 11, and the budget-minded all-mountain Iodine 2 and 3. Durability of the rim is not compromised by the new rim design, which is more noticeable on the Iodine and Opium.

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