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2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

2012 crank brothers wheelset   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

With wide-ranging reduction of weight on their wheels through a new rim design, Crank Brothers will launch a refined wheelset line for 2012. Some weight is taken off by anodizing each rim black at first before machining it. Lastly, the rims are re-anodized with an accent color.

Also new for this 2012 wheelset is the color styling change featuring a beautiful two-tone freehub design and more inexpensive 2 level products. With a 142mm spacing option for some models, a new freehub design is included for more durability.

Included in the 2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset are the DH/race Opium 3, freeride Sage 2, premium carbon XC/race Cobalt 11, and the budget-minded all-mountain Iodine 2 and 3. Durability of the rim is not compromised by the new rim design, which is more noticeable on the Iodine and Opium.

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Crank Bros Eggbeater & Candy Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Crank Bros Eggbeater & Candy Pedals

crank bros new pedals 1 300x300   Crank Bros Eggbeater & Candy PedalsCrank Bros, the company famous for its excellent quality pedals, releases the Eggbeater and the Candy pedals. The Eggbeater is designed on micro platform for XC and Race. For the All-Mountain rider, the Candy shines on small platform builds.

Both pedals are relaunched with better spindle on a press fit assembly. The pedals come with needle and cartridge bearings as well as optional traction sleeves. The sleeves are to allow customization of your cleat or shoe interface.

The Eggbeater has five models in its line and features Crank Bros four-sided entry design. The Eggbeater Ti retails for £189.99. It comes with a Titanium body and weighs 230g per pair. The Eggbeater 1 is the most minimalist in design in the Eggbeater line. It costs £45.99. Retailing for £69.99, the Eggbeater 2 has a mud-clearing design and weighs 272g per pair. The Eggbeater 3 has a stainless body with aluminum end…

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