pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers

2011 craft leg and arm coolers   2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers

Cool down during training or intense rides with the new 2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers.

Riders can slip these great looking coolers, which helps cool down muscles with the aid of the tight compression on these coolers.

The new leg coolers from Craft also reduces muscle reduction with the help of the snugness of the materials. Even on the warmest days, the new arm coolers keep both arms and legs dry and airy.

Additionally, the new arm coolers also keep your skin safe from skin cancer and sun burns with the help of UPF 50. The apparel has also been treated with antimicrobial elements that can help in removing odor from the fabric.

It also has the trademark six channeled, hollow fiber polyester filament, which increases moisture absorption and at the same time quickly releases body heat. The arm coolers are currently tagged at $24.99 while the leg coolers have…

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