pinit fg en rect gray 20    Independent Fabrications Corvid Cyclocross Frame

if features corvid cyclocross frame    Independent Fabrications Corvid Cyclocross Frame

Independent Fabrications is known for designing and building custom bicycle frames, and now they’re on their way to a new offering, a Corvid cyclocross frame.

This frame is an all-carbon one. The said frame is still in developing stages at the moment. With that said, it currently uses the same tube and lug approach from the ENVE Composites and was taken into the company’s US workshop for further processing.

A press-fit 30 BB, headtube with a larger diameter inset headset, and compatibility with Shimano’s Di2 electronic group set is some of the attributes this frame is expected to possess.

As of yet, there isn’t a name for the Independent Fabrications cyclocross frame. All details for this product will be coming soon.

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