pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colony Cooper Brownlee Bike

2011 colony cooper brownlee bike   2011 Colony Cooper Brownlee Bike

Focalpoint BMX magazine owner Cooper Brownlee has managed to create a new bike, the 2011 Colony Cooper Brownlee Bike, despite his busy schedule.

The new BMX bike features a frame from the Colony Teddy as well as Colony guardian forks and 2012 Twenty Four Seven prototype bars. It also features Colonial V2 cranks and official 23T sprockets.

By the looks of the specs for this BMX bike from Colony, it seems to be a class act as it is also equipped with Colony bottom brackets, Fantastic Plastic pedals and 2012 Shield Logo fat seats. Contour takes care of the bike’s wheels and rims, which can also support the Agenda 2.15 front and rear tires.

No price has been attached to this wonderful looking bike but we’ll keep you posted once further announcements have been made…

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