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2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade

2011 contourgps helmet cam bluetooth upgrade   2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade

During this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, Contour has unveiled a new innovation for their acclaimed ContourGPS model – a modern ContourGPS model integrated with wireless Bluetooth technology.

The new ContourGPS allows owners and GPS users to wirelessly transmit to mobile phones and turn them into portable viewfinders.

While the latest models of helmet cameras are all hands free, there are still problems like the lack of a usable digital display. This new innovation for the ContourGPS instantly makes shooting videos and photos a breeze while a bike plus you have a view finder with which you can automatically view your footage on the fly.

This new and improved version of the ContourGPS definitely set the bar higher for 2011. As always, Contour has blazed a new path once again in cycling support technology.

The new Bluetooth enabled camera has also been equipped with a system that lets the cyclist know if he or…

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ContourGPS Hands-Free Video Cam

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ContourGPS Hands Free Video Cam

contourgps hands free video cam 300x300   ContourGPS Hands Free Video CamContour introduces the first ever GPS and hands-free video camera called the ContourGPS. It will be available next year with MSRP of $349.99. This new video camera will give you your exact location as you record your ride.

Contour‘s CEO Marc Barros explains more. “We’re excited to introduce location as the next innovation in hands-free video cameras. GPS adds an exciting new element to video storytelling. It allows you to map your own adventures and discover new places posted by other users. Our seamless camera-to-community experience is like combining The Flip, YouTube and Google maps together into one simple, easy to use product.” The ContourGPS has an integrated GPS receiver which identifies your exact location once per second accurately while filming in high definition.

The ContourGPS uses a high definition camera of 1080p. Crisp and quality video is recorded when used. You can then share your footage or “video mapping”…

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Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

contour hd bike helmet camera   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

Nowadays, documenting your ride meant uploading this online and sharing it with the world. The Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera allows you to do this easily. A wire-free camera that is easy to use, the Contour HD camera lets you record in 720 HD. The camera delivers crisp colours and live action without any complicated configurations.

This helmet camera has many features. It is compatible to PC and Mac. It can be used with any application software. You can watch your video playback via Quick Time or on any other computer hardware. It supports MicroSD cards and HD cards up to 16 GB.

With 135 degree glass lens, video recording during any time of the day is also not a problem. The lens can be rotated to180 degrees so you can adjust views easily. There are also twin lasers to guide you on horizon and orientation settings.


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