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Sigma Sport BC 2209 Targa Computer

sigma sport bc2209 targa 300x245   Sigma Sport BC 2209 Targa ComputerSigma Sport introduces the BC 2209 Targa which works to gather your overall activity info for cycling, hiking and skiing. It comes with a wrist and bar mount while the cadence sensor is sold separately. The Sigma Sport BC 2209 Targa has 7 language settings, backlight, can record your current speed, average speed, maximum speed and trip distance.

The BC2209 Targa can recognize a second bike, has an auto start/stop function and can even calculate the total distance of both bikes. It also can give you your precise ECG, current heart rate, average heart rate and maximum heart rate. The BC2209 Targa can also show you the number of calories burned and your current altitude. It also can give you the total altitude of both bikes and has the option for a programmable uphill or downhill climb.

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Redfish Bike Computer + Speedometer + Bell All in One

redfish bike computer speedometer bell   Redfish Bike Computer + Speedometer + Bell All in One

We know the big brand for bike computer like Garmin, Sigma Sport and Cateye, but what may go under the radar is Redfish, which has debut a computer, speedometer, and bell all in one!

Redfish designed the speedometer for urban cycling, using higher quality yet vintage looking leather, brushed metal and a retro dial gauge. Within the face is a clock, gauge showing the speed you are traveling, and a lever on the side that can tell you the total of miles traveled, or just the commute you are on at the time.

The arm on the side that displays the miles traveled, if pulled down will ring the bell. Not a traditional bell, but just a recording.

A wireless magnetic sensor is placed on the fork, with a silicone strap and battery opening. No word on availability just yet.

More Info: Redfish

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Sigma Sport Race Edition ROX 9.0 Lime Green

sigma sport race edition rox 9 0 lime green   Sigma Sport Race Edition ROX 9.0 Lime Green

Sigma Sport is taking part in the 7 stage Jeantex Tour Transalp, which starts June 27th in Mittenwald Germany, and to celebrate the event, Sigma Sport will launch a lime green ROX 9.0 Race Edition computer. For those interested in the race, thousands of amateur cyclists will ride a total of 485 miles.

The ROX 9.0 is Sigma’s highest end triple wireless computer, built to hold and provide a lot of data, and is reliable. With the newly launched Data Center 2.0 software and docking station, statistics are easy to download and read on the road. The Sigma Sport Race Edition ROX 9.0 Lime Green will first debut at the Jeantex Tour Transalp, while 20 selected cyclists will test the computer on challenging courses. If you are interested in purchasing, they are limited and MSRP is $249.99.

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