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2012 Bell Muni Commuter Helmet

2012 bell muni commuter helmet   2012 Bell Muni Commuter Helmet

Bell has released one of the most beautiful helmets for 2012 called Muni. Nicely designed, the 275g helmet has several nice features, first of which is its visibility. The Muni has standard equipment, which are an integrated pair of rear flashing lights to make it effectively visible.

To provide even more lighting, the helmet has an added rear strap just by clipping on a rear flasher. Moreover, there is a smooth and seamless perch that is put together into the Blade Visor Plus in order to have room for the Blackburn Flea front light, which is small but incredibly bright.

Ideal for riders who are looking for topnotch urban helmets is the 2012 Bell Muni Commuter Helmet. With its combination of first-class features, exceptional functionality, and refined design and graphics, the Muni is definitely an unparalleled piece of cycling gear.

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2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet

2012 giro reverb commuter helmet   2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet

Giro has released one of the most exciting commuter helmets for 2012 called Reverb. It was the intention of Giro not to make the helmet flashy by not packing it with so many features. Instead, the Reverb is designed to be an understated and well-functioning helmet.

Reverb is quite different from classic helmet peaks with its removable fabric peak, which is such a clever feature. The removable fabric peak is positioned inside the rim of the helmet with Velcro tabs holding it in position. Its brim is similar to that of a traditional-style cycle cap and is removable for washing.

While it looks like the rider is wearing a cap under the helmet, it shades the eyes and keeps the rain away without the added mass. Simple but cleverly designed, the 2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet is a must-have helmet for all riders who want a helmet that simply…

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2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

2011 whyte cambridge commuter road bike   2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

Whyte offers high-speed stability and slow-speed maneuverability with its very stylish hybrid road bike released for 2011 called Cambridge. The high-speed stability is achieved through its long wheelbase and relaxed head angle while the slow-speed maneuverability is offered by its shorter stem.

Though lightweight, the 6061 Hydro Formed T6 frame is extremely strong. To clear the way for any required mudguards or rack, the rear hydraulic disc brake caliper is mounted inside the rear triangle by the custom rear dropout. Its carbon front fork improves ride quality and absorbs road vibrations.

Superb and versatile, the 2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike tackles general riding, fast commuting, and fitness very well. While puncture resistant Maxxis Detonator tires made the bike superbly durable, the uniquely profiled rear stays offer outstanding comfort and responsiveness.

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2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

2011 ibera pakrak commuter bike bag and rack   2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

One hot item for urban commuters this 2011 is the Ibera PakRak Commuter. This bike cargo system is perfect for riders who do not want to carry a messenger bag. Compared to a typical backpack or messenger bag, a combination of a bike bag and rack can carry more things.

All the compartments are very useful especially in organizing the rider’s gear. Clipping and unclipping the pack on the bike are very easy with the front’s plastic tongue that fits well into the rack and the back’s quick release clip that secures it. Its excellent build quality features a durable hard plastic bottom.

With the 2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack, commuters who run errands, go to work, or carry stuff around town enjoy much convenience. Convenience is optimized by the details of this cargo system. The only downside is its waterproof quality, which is not perfectly reliable….

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2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

2011 panaracer ribmo pt commuter tire   2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

Released for 2011 is a road-commuter’s tire from Panaracer called Ribmo. Along with the Kevlar-belted PT Puncture Resistant Technology is the All Contact Tread Shape, which pertains to the oblong-ish profile of the tire.

With such an unconventional design, the tire can accomplish four things. These include smooth and predictable transition from center to side, maintained contact with the tread, reduced tread cuts through the elongated sidewall surface, and a unique shape that caters to all riders and riding styles.

While the 2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire seems to be innovative, it has some downsides. Since the tire tends to sketch, dive, surf, and drift erratically on variable riding surfaces, it does not tackle ice, snow, muck, mud, and dirt well.

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2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed

2011 identiti persona urban commuter single speed   2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed

Identiti has used its exclusive Identiti Persona frame along with topnotch components to come up with an excellent urban fixie single speed bike, which allows riders to enhance and ride in their own personal style. Aside from its simplicity, this bike is strong and speedy.

With Taper Lock dropouts and BMX influenced double butted tubing, the Identiti Persona frame maintains smooth styling and reduced weight. On the other hand, the frame enhances usability and provides extra strength.

BMX influenced strength, low-slung classic geometry, and silky looks are combined by the exclusive Identiti FFX fork. For riders who are looking for a nice complete urban fixie bike, the 2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed makes for a great choice.

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