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How Much Hipster Can You Pack in a Honda Jazz Commercial

Honda is using commercials to attract different “themes” to the new Jazz, and with this commercial they go after hipsters. One of the individuals is holding a fixed gear equipped with a Aerospoke. Later in the commercial, the person is talking about how he can fit his bikes in the car. Enjoy.

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Alberto Contador & Andy Schleck In It To Win It Specialized Contest Commercial

Andy Schleck of Saxo Bank and Alberto Contador are two opposites, but they have one thing in common. Both ride the Specialized Tarmac SL3. As of late, Contador and Schleck have been going at each other, and the tension seems to build with each stage.

Specialized issued a commercial for their contest which started at the beginning of the Tour de France called “In It To Win It”. With the 21 stages of the tour, you have a chance to win 1 of 21 Tarmac SL3 Astana edition or Saxo Bank. All you have to do is pick up a promo code at your local Specialized dealership, and sign up on the website. For the commercial, it is pretty funny, the two are trying to “outdo” each other, and then argue like they are children.

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Lance Armstrong Nissan Leaf Commercial

Lance Armstrong posted on his Twitter about his starring role in the new commercial for the Nissan Leaf, a new 100% electric car that does not have a tail pipe. The commercial is called “20 Years Behind”, due to Lance Armstrong racing behind different cars and other forms of gas powered transportation. It is also said that Armstrong will be the first owner of the Nissan Leaf.

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Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? For many of us the most entertaining part is the commercials, and launched during the “time outs”, Lance Armstrong’s commercial with Michelob Ultra premiered. The Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial shows Armstrong living a normal life, exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, plus riding, but at night enjoying a beer which is promoting low calories and carbs. Enjoy the video.

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Commencal Factory Frameset Commercial

Commencal is ready to release their Factory mountain bike frameset, and what better way to debut it by a commercial. As you can see, the Commencal Factory Frameset in the video is bright green, and what is cool about the commercial is they are putting the bike together, with progressive music in the background to hype up the closer they get to the finished product, but once done the music dies. Enjoy the commercial.

Source: Dirtmountainbike

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